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As I near the end of my trip to Arizona – I wanted to share something with you.   Manifesting and cultivating real change takes ovaries of steel – it’s not easy.   In fact it’s easier to stay where you are right now.   Imagine a mountain – what you want is at the top […]

November 9, 2018

5 hard truths of what it takes to manifest…….like really manifest big changes!

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Firstly, what on earth does leading from the Feminine mean? As human beings we all have masculine and feminine energy. As does the planet and the universe we live in. It’s all simply energy which is vibrating and rotating constantly. Astrologists and ancient cultures have known this for years and much of the energy, I’ve […]

October 20, 2018

We don’t know what leading from the Feminine is or what to do with our Masculine energy

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When I left law, I was truly exhausted. Exhausted of myself and the identity I’d created. As an adult, I was doing what I thought I should “do” to be “successful” in life. But competing with others in both the boardroom and the courtroom during all hours of the night or day was exhausting–my masculine […]

October 20, 2018

Successful and high achieving women tend to lead from their masculine energy

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I wanted to share a problem with you that I see escalating and one you might connect with as a successful woman! More Women are reaching successful positions, yet more are also leaving. And I was one of them, I spent 11 years in the Legal Profession as a criminal defence lawyer and whilst partnership […]

October 12, 2018

More Women are reaching Successful Positions, yet more are also leaving

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As a lawyer, I sold my time in 6 minute units and as a result–meant time is money. The more time I sold, the more money I made and the less time I had for me.     After 11 years of doing so, I was burnt out and so exhausted, I didn’t even know […]

July 27, 2018

Sell your energy and expertise (not your time…..it’s outdated)

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In 2015, I made a decision to meditate everyday and this was the most transformational decision I’ve made, so much so I insist that all of my clients have their own ‘tuning in’ practice as I know the results of coaching go so much deeper when they do.     Coaching is a 200% relationship, […]

July 3, 2018

7 reasons why I meditate daily

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Designing success in a way which feels good to you is a personal mission!It’s not what success means to anyone else but you, it’s down to your personal values, how you’d like to feel every single day and who you’d like to show up as. The second part of that is then giving yourself permission […]

May 25, 2018

Who do you need to give yourself permission to be?

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In an ever-expanding world of computer and robots, we’re being called even more to connect with one other but also to ourselves and to lead from the heart. Leading from the mind is logical, linear and can often lead to fear-based decisions. As Einstein said ‘your mind is a dangerous master but a faithful servant’. If […]

May 18, 2018

Why the futures an emotional one

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