Who do you need to give yourself permission to be?

Designing success in a way which feels good to you is a personal mission!It’s not what success means to anyone else but you, it’s down to your personal values, how you’d like to feel every single day and who you’d like to show up as.

The second part of that is then giving yourself permission to do just that. We all have an inner child who seeks approval and validation from others! But we also have different parts of our Self where we can go to seek the very permission we’re looking for outside of ourselves – it’s from our inner matriarch, headteacher or boss.

To stop people pleasing and looking for outside validation, we need to tap into the subconscious part of ourselves to ask permission to do new things or stop doing things that we’ve always done, just because we have always done them.

So check in and ask :

1. What three things do I need to give myself permission to do right now?

2. What three things, do I need to give myself permission to stop doing? 

Write down three for each and read them out loud to yourself in the mirror!

The permission you need as an entrepreneur is from yourself. It’s time to have a conscious conversation with yourself about it.

  1. Amazing words. Thank you for the great work you are doing.

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