I've been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of clients over the past few years, below check out some of the testimonials from my clients at the first Rebel Heart Retreat back in 2017. 

Left a job that didn’t light her up and gained clarity around what does to create a business and life she loves.

Here’s what success looks like for my clients:


Teaching to Entrepreneur 

Kept her dream alive by ditching her soul destroying corporate gig and inspiring others to do the same


HR to Coaching Business

Went from critical overwhelm to creating success on her terms and helping others do the same 


Multi Passionate Lawyer, Speaker and founder of ReNew for Mum's

Connected the dots to experience amazing results in her business--including her best financial month yet!


Coach and Spiritual Mentor

Click here to listen to a 12 minute snippet of a live coaching conversation with me!

"To have the space to explore within and find the support around me at the same time was priceless" - Shereen

Every single one of my clients are incredible women, incredible women who made a choice to step into a new evolutionary process and change their destination.

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