Hear from Clients who have attended retreats as well as working with me 1:1.

Attending the retreat in Morocco and working with me 1:1, Mollie left her career in teaching and rebranded herself!

Retreat Clients 


Brand Coach and Copywriter attended the Morocco Retreat in 2017

Ditched soul sucking contracts to freelance contracts, travel and supporting others. 


HR to Coaching Business attended Morocco Retreat in 2017

Went from critical overwhelm to creating success on her terms in life, law and creatively as well. 


Multi Passionate Lawyer, Speaker and Singer attended Morocco Retreat in 2017

Connected the dots to experience amazing results in her business--including her best financial month yet!


Coach and Spiritual Mentor attended the Morocco Retreat in 2017 

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Kat has continued to upgrade both her life and business.

Having attended 3 retreats from 2018 to 2021 and accessing one to one support.

Coaching senior executives and specialising in behaviour change in corporate environments - she is also now a mum of two too! 

Career and Leadership Coach attended the Space and Significance Retreat in 2019

Galadriel attended the Goa Retreat in 2018 and shares how she left the USA for the first time on her own.

The Retreat was critical in her getting clarity on what next and figuring out her gifts and talents. She shares how she still uses her Notebook from Goa two years later using the tools to plan and map out what's next. 


Wellness Coach and Practitioner attended the Goa Retreat in 2018

Rapid Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist attended Goa in 2018


Helen shares her experience and takeaways from the Goa Retreat in 2018, importantly she shares what has happened in the two years since she attended when she received clarity about her next steps from Lawyer to Rapid Transformational Coach. 

Founder of Clove and Clay attended the Space and Significance Retreat in 2020


Katie arrived feeling unfocused and unmotivated.

But she left the retreat feeling totally recharged and on track for achieving the goals in her business.

She has since been back to attend a day retreat in 2023!

Recognised her own growth and how far she has come in just a  year.

Jo reflects on how attending our retreats in 2019 and 2020 has allowed her to move forward with the coaching aspects of her business. 

Coach, Consultant and Director attended the Space and Significance Retreat in 2019 and 2020


Mindset and Confidence Coach attended the Space and Significance Retreat in 2019


Emma had lots of personal AAHA moments. And felt re-inspired in her business. 

She loved to witness other women seeing their significance for the very first time! 

Karen shares her key insights and future goals she connected with during the retreat. 

Importantly, the the retreat helped her to look at who she is a female leader and she found the courage to find her unique voice within that.

Director of Absolute Alchemy attended the Space & Significance Retreat in 2020


"To have the space to explore within and find the support around you at the same time was priceless" - Shereen

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