Why the futures an emotional one

In an ever-expanding world of computer and robots, we’re being called even more to connect with one other but also to ourselves and to lead from the heart.

Leading from the mind is logical, linear and can often lead to fear-based decisions. As Einstein said ‘your mind is a dangerous master but a faithful servant’. If our mind is not our master, then where should our decisions be coming from? The answer is from within our hearts–our emotions and our feelings. What feels good? What feels right? What feels exciting?

95% of purchase decisions are made from an emotional space and the business world is calling for each and every one of us to be the maker of meaning for our clients. Clients are craving connection, intimacy and even some romance rather than automation, numbers and being thrown in the marketing pool with everyone else.


I’ve built success in my coaching business by connecting on a deeper level to me and my heart by way of yoga, meditation and long walks on the beach. This in turns means I can connect with people on a deeper and spiritual level so they know I’m the coach who can help them attach meaning to their lives and businesses. And really in world that’s speeding up, we’re being called to slow down and listen more to ourselves, more to each other and connect on a deeper level than before.

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