We don’t know what leading from the Feminine is or what to do with our Masculine energy

Firstly, what on earth does leading from the Feminine mean?
As human beings we all have masculine and feminine energy. As does the planet and the universe we live in. It’s all simply energy which is vibrating and rotating constantly. Astrologists and ancient cultures have known this for years and much of the energy, I’ve discovered can be broadly described as masculine and feminine.
The term men are from Mars and women are from Venus is no accident. Mars is deemed energetically as a masculine planet and Venus a feminine one. The Sun is masculine. The Moon is feminine.
The earth is feminine, we call it mother earth and the sky historically was called father sky. With their Grandparents – Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon. There’s a whole family thing going on here which I love.
The simple fact is this : for every subject there are two subjects – the Masculine and the Feminine.
Leading from the Feminine, is not about eliminating the sun or the masculine or dominating him as we can’t survive that way either. It’s about bringing BOTH those energies into balance and a dance which starts within each of us on an individual level.
Its the Yang and the Yin that’s needed for harmony, balance and alignment — for wholeness.

The Dali Larma said that women will save civilisation which I believe to be true.
But on a deeper level that means, the return to the feminine which will save civilisation — the future is not female but it is feminine and it’s about inviting her back in.
Albert Einstein said ‘we live in a world that values the rational mind and has forgotten the sacred gift’.
What’s the sacred gift? It’s the feminine–historically women were seen as sacred as the earth was itself. It’s you, it’s me and its the earth (and the moon) we live on but have forgotten the importance of this past 5,000 years.
Why have we forgotten? Because in the last 5,000 years we’ve seen a huge energetic misalignment with masculine energy–leading and over dominating the feminine which we have called ‘Patriarchy’. And this energetic misbalance is being reflected in each and every one of us humans. And we must find harmony within ourselves before we can expect to see it anywhere else. In a nutshell we need to find the yin to our YANG. The Venus to our Mars. The Moon to our Sun.

I know the change starts with us as women inviting our feminine energy back in and allowing the masculine systems and structures we’ve learned in our bid to success to support us fully.


I know as Women who’ve led from our masculine — we are super powerful, we’ve learned those systems and structures to support us with our success and when we learn to lead from our real feminine selves–what we invite in is a harmonious force which is a real powerhouse for exciting change.

And when we do it collectively – even more so.
We can make whole based decisions — bringing in harmony, alignment and balance to all things we do, say and come into contact with.

How would that feel?

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