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3 Keys to Self- Actualisation 

The pandemic is a global initiation for women like YOU to rise.... to rise into their fuller potential. 

So many women are feeling 'the call' but are struggling to overcome the internal barriers and steps out on their own.

Why? Because women have been brainwashed to believe :

Safety and Security comes from outside of ourselves. 
We need authority (and validation) from others to step into our power and potential. 
That it’s ‘not really ok’ to fully express who we are. 

The 3 keys to self-actualisation course is a 4 week guided programme so you can overcome those barriers, creating an internal sense of strength and feminine self worth before stepping into a place of more authentic power and higher self-expression. 

This is where you can start to realise your full potential.

This 4 week course is one to be practised and not perfected, the tools are ones you can return to over and over again as you keep moving forward and uncover your journey into self-actualisation. 

Whilst the world is standing still, there is no reason why you cannot move forward. 

"The 3 Keys have been instrumental in getting me back on my feet and pumping" - Sue Ellen

"I'm now content with just me being happy with my plans, I don't need permission" - Jo

"Hey Lulu, this is fu**ing brilliant" - Katherine

"Loving week one, aha moments already" - Lindsey

"So many paradigm shifting epiphanies, mind blown" - Sara

Outcomes : 

1. Unlock the doors to greater fulfilment, purpose and impact. 
2. Reclaim your internal sense of strength and feminine self worth.
3. Discover a place of more authentic power and greater self-expression.

4 modules of self study inc ;
18 x journaling tools 
14 page workbook 
5 x Audio MP4 trainings 

3 Keys Self Study

4 week guided programme where you can start to realise your full potential 

 £97 for full access to the Self Study Course. 


3 Keys to Self Actualisation

"I love how Lulu takes the weight out of our challenges”

- EMMA ,


"Lulu is my Secret Weapon, she keeps me from getting in my own way"


"I got more working with Lulu for 3 hours than I have after several months working with other coaches"

"Without Lulu, I'd still be sitting behind a desk built and created by somebody else."


"I love that Lulu guides you in the way that is right for you, not a standard one way fits all, which really fits with my view of life.  "


" Lulu will change you in just one session"


"Working with Lulu felt like I had just swept all the crap from my desk onto the floor. She was the first coach to help me actually focus..."


"The depth to Lulu's coaching is something I'd love to bottle up and spread like fairy dust to women everywhere"

- Anon 

"Lulu helped me be the woman who has it all."


"Lulu helped me to define the lifestyle I wanted & establish my business which is soul led"


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