The Women’s Wealth Thermostat- where is yours set at?

We all have a wealth thermostat internalised within our inner belief system as to what’s possible for us to earn in our jobs or businesses. As women I believe our thermostat (namely our expectation of what we believe is possible) has been set to a lower level than that of men which is a huge part of our challenge in breaking through the gender pay gap that still exists.
Put simply, if we don’t expect to be paid more or the equivalent to men – then it’s not going to happen. We can set out in order to change the world, make a difference and to empower other women but the truth is, empowerment starts at home–it starts with us as individuals changing our own wealth thermostat.
True empowerment starts when we take a deep look at our own hard wiring and belief system with our money and wealth. I believe as women we carry the wealth consciousness of the previous generation/s of women around with us so we have a bigger battle in changing our current wealth thermostat setting.
And just so you believe me that we all have that wealth setting – just think of the last time you looked for a job – I bet you automatically looked at jobs that were within a similar salary setting? And if you’ve started a business, you’ll also know, we all start out just hoping we can pay the mortgage/basic needs. Then we look to matching our previous salary and then if we want to increase to even higher, we have to take a hard look at the mindset blocks getting in our way. It takes work to change those beliefs and turn up our wealth thermostat.
Gradually turning up your wealth thermostat is a good way to start to build your wealth consciousness and current setting. Dealing with the beliefs’ underlying your current default setting is a powerful way to get much quicker results. The two combined are extremely powerful and as women I believe, collectively we have a duty to address our personal wealth thermostat for the next generation of women.

  1. Where is yours set at?

> Under 10k      >10 to 20k     >20k to 30k      >30k to 40k    
> 40k to 50k      >50k to 75k      >75 to 100k        >100k to 150k
> 150k to 200k     >200k to 400k     >500k plus

2. Double it & write the new figure down

3. Then turn it down a bit but add a little more, maybe ten % to your original setting!

Do this every day for the next week or month, turn up your woman’s wealth thermostat and collectively let’s change the expectation for the next generation of girls and young women.

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