Why you need to Amplify your Sense of Entitlement



Entitlement carries a negative connotation yet as women it’s something we need to learn to embrace and embody. 


Entitlement is an informal expectation of others and also a belief that one is deserving of privileges and special treatment. In a nutshell, it’s a mindset and belief system that you deserve more which is directly linked with our self esteem. 


We all have a personal concept of the principles we live by and a framework that governs our everyday experiences. And as women in business, many have a much lower sense of entitlement and expectation compared to our male counterparts. 


Men do less and expect more. Women do more and expect less. 


Sorry guys, but I have met many men in business with an over inflated and even excessive sense of ego and entitlement (sometimes without the talent or knowledge to back it up). But on the flip side I have worked with many women with tons of experience, talent and knowledge but with a very compromised sense of entitlement and expectation which holds her back massively. 


And if you’re a woman creating her own business — the compromised sense of entitlement  is going to cost you a lot.  


Why as women do we suffer from this? Because let’s face it, we have had to consistently fight for what we deserve and this is embedded in who we are — yet it is also up to us to reframe and work through it. 


So ladies, it’s time to turn up and amplify your sense of entitlement and expectation. 


I remember a moment in my business a few years ago when I realised that I wasn’t actually expecting to create a paying client that month despite all the hard work I had completed. I realised I didn’t feel entitled to be paid as I would were I, an employee. When I flipped that switch and lived in a sense of entitlement and expectation of being paid, everything changed. 


I now live in high expectation with a sense of everyday — amplifying my sense of entitlement to be remunerated for the work I do which is of high value and high touch way of supporting women through massive transition in their success paths. 


So expect it. Entitle yourself to it. Blow up your sense expectation and believe me girl, everything will change for you! 


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