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Why you are not prepared to take a step back from your corporate job…


You want to leave your corporate job, but you’re not prepared to take a step BACK.


You seek validation of your new business by seeking endless certificates and pieces of paper, mini courses etc…sound familiar? 


BUT guess what–those certificates are not going to create a successful business or new venture for you.


Sure learning a new skill or two is great but where that becomes a problem is that you are so busy collecting the validation that you are good enough to do something else that you forget the most important lesson/s you need to learn……


And that is by being an entrepreneur, you need to unlearn your corporate self instead — learning how to self validate.




The old version of you and rules you’ve learnt to climb the ladder to your prestigious position will not get you where you want to go in your business and neither will those pieces of paper you keep on achieving and obtaining.


Because really starting a business is about learning to fail not learning to achieve. 


And failing is to take a step back from your prestigious position. 


But to truly start, you have to be willing to fail and not hit your endless need to achieve more and more…….that comes later. 


Both, self validation and preparing to fail are crucial and the two things you ought to consider ‘getting good at’ before achieving anything else.


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