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Why “no” should be your default button

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Have you ever found yourself wondering……


If I say no – I might not seem ambitious enough?


If I say no, it might seem rude?


If I say no, maybe people won’t like me?


As women, we’re relational beings and our default button is to say “yes” but often to our own detriment. 


We say yes to seem eager and ambitious enough, as god forbid we might not be asked again. 


We say yes to be polite and caring of others needs. 


We say yes to be liked. 


We say yes as sometimes we are in fear of what will happen if we don’t. 


Women with a strong opinion have been categorised and demonised for centuries. 


We’ve been conditioned to think it’s not very ladylike to say “no” when in fact the opposite is true. To say no is to take a step back. 


Yet is it the “yes’s” which are a detriment to cultivating the success path you should really be on?


What if saying “no” was really the power behind you finding the things you really want to say “yes” too? 


Saying “no” creates boundaries whilst keeping us in integrity and alignment. 


Saying “no” creates the space for the yes’s we really want to make. 


Saying “no” allows us to cultivate our ambition. 


Saying “no” allows us to find the people that are really going to like everything we stand for. 


Saying “no” should be our default button for all of the above reasons. 


Saying “no” is a complete sentence. 


Say it. Practice it. Feminise it. 


It’s time to make no your default button. 


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