Why a Woman in Significance Knows Her Values

 I see so many women LACKING clarity and a visible direction. 

Not knowing where she is going. 

Or why she is going there. 

Feeling lost in her purpose or the outcome she is seeking. 

You know that feeling, when you don’t know the destination – you end up spinning your wheels and going around in circles wondering wtf am I doing this anyway…..⠀


And WTF are you? It’s a good question. ⠀

How is staying insignificant and lacking in direction serving you? ⠀

A Woman in significance has a clear vision which drives her forward and keeps moving no matter what is being thrown in her direction. 

After all, knowing you have a unique contribution in the world and the knowledge, experience and wisdom you have which will change it for the better is one hell of a motivator to keep you moving. 

And so often, it’s not even lack of clarity or vision you’re feeling – it’s a lack of certainty and the belief in it coming to fruition…. so you get stuck in the how’s, lose the vision and your significance – then everything starts to rupture. 

Your vision needs to be painted one step at a time as your significance unfolds. Allow your vision to be created as if painting by numbers and just take the next step. 

Vision is important as it drives action. 

At each stage of discovering your ‘significance’ – you must go deeper with your vision! 

Ask the question, what’s the vision that will be driving you forward in 2020?  

And what support do you need to get there? 

The Rebel HEART CLUB mastermind doors are currently open, with limited spaces left – are one of those spaces meant for you to step into your significance at the start of this next decade?

Message me if you’d like to know more and keep an eye out for details of the international retreat which will be in April 2020 but the point is — you need to start NOW! 

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