3 reasons you may need a money mindset makeover

1. Money’s an excuse
It’s controlling you and not the other way around, it’s your excuse for not doing something!
Have you ever found yourself saying :


‘Yes I’d love too but I can’t do that right now because of money’


‘I’d love to leave my job but…… I’m just not in a position to’
Our thoughts create our reality. Our words are an indication of our thoughts and beliefs and until we change the story, our outer experience will not change either.
And let’s face it – blame is not good for any relationship! If you’re blaming money and allowing it to control, money is not going have much mutual respect for you either.
2. You focus on lack
You focus on what you don’t have and everything that’s leaving your account rather than what is coming into it.
What we focus on expands and we energize it, so if we focus on lack – we get more of not having enough &/or feeling like we don’t have enough.
And let’s face it – focusing on lack and what something/someone is not doing for us, is not good for any relationship! It doesn’t help us create more of what we do want.
3. You don’t trust money
You don’t trust money and feel unsupported by it. You believe your safety and security comes from somewhere else apart from you. You doubt, worry and wonder whether money would really support you, if you changed things.
So, how many of the above boxes have you ticked?
So imagine, healing all of this and waking up every day in a new love relationship with money by way of your brand spanking new money mindset.
You feel totally supported and loved up with money!
So, is it time for a Money Mindset Makeover?
Click below to find out how you can get started right NOW!

3 reasons you may need a money mindset makeover

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