Or is your reality that it’s keeping you massively stuck from really creating the life and business you desire?

is your

bank balance

making you leap around 

with joy right now?


     et’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if money was flowing to you just as you wanted it too. You’ve journaled on it, you’ve used affirmations, read the books and followed all the “money manifesting steps” you can get your hands on, but still something is missing. You’re still stuck in the visualization stage. How come it's so easy for them to manifest their desires? What are you missing? 

You’re feeling frustrated and wondering how other people have easily picked up this ‘money mindset’ stuff while you feel stuck and know that you need something more! 

Bottom line:

You haven't found the root of your negative money story and without doing that you’re never going to see the results in your bank account. After all, there is no point watering the garden if there are weeds still there strangling all the flowers. 

It’s time to truly transform the money story that’s currently running the show in your life and business. You know the one, the script you keep playing over and over in your mind and its the roadblock that’s keeping you massively stuck and preventing you from creating the income you’re after. 

If you’re ready to get intimate with your personal money story and to press stop on the ‘money playlist’ that you’ve got stuck on repeat, then it’s time to dive deep, do the real work and make the commitment to transform your money mindset (not just paper over the cracks). 

Wouldn’t you love to step into a new uplifted relationship with money, trusting that it really can support you in meeting your needs and desires? Once you do the inner deep work that’s truly needed for transformation, anything is possible. 

So are you ready for real results and transformation?

Are you ready for a money mindset makeover? 

yes, i'm ready!


he Money Mindset Makeover Programme is about truly transforming your relationship with money and providing you with the tools you need to keep doing the transformational work that is required as an entrepreneur. 

Most people attempt to ‘reprogramme’ their mindset without diving into what their real and current relationship with money is about in the first place! 

Money is an excuse right now! You want to say yes to working with a one to one coach, leaving your job, or investing in yourself but money is stopping you from moving forward with your plans. 

Money is controlling you--and not the other way around. 

You’re not feeling fully supported by money and worry about making enough of it, where is going to come from, and how you’re going to create the life you want without it. 

Despite your best efforts, you’re focusing on your lack of money and not having enough rather than the opposite. 

You’re feeling envious and jealous of others talking about, “6-figure this” and “6-figure that” while wondering why you’re not there or even close.

 You’ve tried the books, the free courses, the affirmations and journaling exercises but it’s still not having the real impact you’re looking for. 


Your money situation won’t change unless you do! Your relationship with money is complicated and related to all sorts of other things in your life. You have a sh** load of either/or stories where money is concerned. They can be related to men, love, expectation, hard work, stress and happiness, all of which I’ve come across as a coach. 

SO are you ready to do what it takes and to invest in a money mindset makeover? 

This programme is for you if : 

Perhaps you’re making money but still constantly striving, pushing and exhausting yourself wondering how you're going to keep up with the pace you've set for yourself. (This is for you too girl!) 

This programme is for you even if you’ve done the work (maybe with me) but you’ve hit “new level, new devil” syndrome and you want to refocus and commit to build your money mindset momentum

yes, i'm ready!

Remember, as an entrepreneur, money mindset is a daily practice and lifetime commitment. 

  "Without Lulu I would still be living in fear of how we will pay our next bill. Life with Lulu in it is far richer in every way, She has helped me be the woman who has it all." 

 - Laura - Children’s Confidence Coach


         isten, you’ve attached a whole host of meanings to money which simply aren’t true and they come from way back to when you were younger. Your beliefs around money have created your very own ‘personal playlist’ which is manifesting the very money experiences you’re having right now. Yet your money playlist (and the lies it has you believing) are so true for you, you can’t even hear or see them. 

But guess what, I can see your blind spots and I will shine a light on your shadow money stories which are keeping you stuck. Doing this on your own is like trying to find something in the dark whilst blindfolded. Are you prepared to keep listening to the same money playlist a moment longer? 

NO, I’m ready for CHANGE!


   ransforming your money story and changing your playlist takes focus and commitment but it’s totally worth it! Here what my clients have said after having done this for themselves: 



Intuitive Life Coach, Transformational Coach, & Spiritual Teacher

"I healed my money story and experienced the most amazing results in my business."

  “Lulu has helped me to focus on the right things to drive my business forward, helping me to bring action into better alignment with my goals and uncover negative subconscious thoughts that still existed with my money story. The result is I healed my money story and experienced the most amazing results in my business ---including my best financial months to date.”



Copywriter & Brand Strategist

"Lulu has helped me unravel the money story I had created that kept me stuck."

“Working with Lulu has helped me unravel the money story I had created that kept me stuck and focused on what I didn’t want. She helped me create an empowering new money story and step into that so that I am able to create the money, success, and life that I have been holding myself back from.”



life Coach

"Lulu is a great coach and can really help you get to the heart of some of your blocks and the things holding you back from making progress in your business." 



Personal Development Coach

"Lulu got to the bottom of it like no one else has ever done before, it truly was some coaching ninja magic!"

“I can’t recommend Lulu’s money mindset coaching highly enough. I had some blocks that were really keeping me stuck but I had no idea what they were or how they were affecting me, all I knew was that my bank account had been looking pretty empty for some time. 
I had such a transformational call with Lulu, she got to the bottom of it like no one else has ever done before, it truly was some coaching ninja magic! She frickin rules! If you get the chance to work with her take it!"



Soulful Relationship & Intimacy Coach

"It was a piece of the puzzle I needed to up-leveling my business."

"Lulu skillfully took me straight to the root cause of my old money issue, which lead on to creating awesome shifts in my finances! It was a piece of the puzzle I needed to up-leveling my business."



Children's Confidence Coach

"She has helped me be the woman who has it all."

  "Without Lulu I would still be living in fear of how we will pay our next bill. Life with Lulu in it is far richer in every way, She has helped me be the woman who has it all."


If you’re ready to make the money you want and deserve, it’s time to dig deep, do the work, and create money miracles in your business and your life.

Spaces on this programme are “limited” so please apply now to avoid disappointment.

The Details:

This programme is designed purposefully to include my three pillars of success:

One to One Support 


(1) x 90 - minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Skype/zoom

15 minute personal money story review  

Invitation to Moroccan Afternoon Tea in London

Early BIRD extra: (1) x 75 - minute 1:1 ‘money integration & alignment’ coaching session.

group support


(5) x 60 - minute group coaching calls
Access to private client Facebook group 

Meet your mastermind group at Afternoon Tea

Group energy for releasing and shifting vibration. 

Tuning in/Self Study Resources:


My personal 6 figure money story
My personal 6 figure Money Mantras 

Money Mindset Makeover™ Workbook
5 steps to manifesting money mini video series  

Money Mindset Makeover Group Programme 

My Money Mindset Makeover™ Group Course has 6 steps to follow: 

We dive deep with the root causes of your negative, unconscious beliefs. We examine your either/or stories and shine a light on the darkness that you’ve been unable to see which is blocking your money flow.

how it works:

Discover (1:1 Coaching)


Connecting as a group, we tune in and connect with how your current money playlist has been manifesting in your life. Tracking your thoughts and become super aware, we check in with your language you’re using and begin to listen to what is going on with your personal story. 

Connect (Group Call 1)


Together we start to reframe and rewrite your relationship with money! We write your new personal story which is the direct opposite of all the old stories you’ve resurrected and discovered from the past. 

Reframe (Group Call 2 + 15-minute personal review)


It’s time to heal and say goodbye to your old money story. Forgiveness, release and a special group energy ceremony to say “hasta la vista, baby” to the old money playlist you’ve been playing for so many years. The record is finally broken. 

Release (Group Call 3)


We continue to build momentum to create the mindset of a wealthy woman in business. We look at how rich people, think, feel and behave around money. We tweak and make any changes needed to your current money story. 

Create (Group Call 4)


We celebrate your money mindset makeover where we’ve unlearnt the old stories and reprogrammed the new playlist, making any tweaks that are necessary and celebrating the shifts and shakes that have happened since the start of the course. Together we will raise the money vibration even higher and revisit how this will reflect in your current business and pricing. 
+ Invite to Moroccan Afternoon Tea in London 

Celebration - (Group Call 5)


*(Early Bird- Sign up before April 7th
 Payment Plan Available: 2 x payments of £1,000 includes £225 discount plus extra one to one call with me )

This programme starts on the 7th May, so book a chat with me now to avoid disappointment. Due to the one to one coaching call with me, spaces available are limited. 

Group calls scheduled to take place on the 21st May,
4th June, 28th June, 12th July and 26th July. 

Investment: £2,225*

sign me up!


  aking up everyday in a new love relationship with money by way of your brand spanking new money mindset. 

You feel totally supported and loved up with money! 

You’ve busted through your crappy stories, stopped playing the broken record and are now in a new happy vibration with money. You feel good about money and trust that it will be there to help co-create the life you’re after. You’re well on your way to becoming a wealthy, abundant woman and are already making amazing things happen. 

Imagine this…

How amazing would  that  feel?

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