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How to cultivate a mission around your Freedom (and why it’s important to do so)


Building a mission and vision around your freedom helps you stay rooted in the ‘no’s’ of anything that is out of alignment with that mission. 


For women in particular, there tends to be a lot of guilt when saying no to others and their needs. But when we are clear about our mission — it feels a whole lot easier to do. 


And every rebel woman wants freedom. Not just for herself but for others too. Yet historically  (and still presently for many) women have lacked freedom. The Freedom to be heard. Freedom to vote. Freedom to speak. Freedom to work. Freedom to choose. Freedom to understand our fertility and be in charge of our own bodies. 


And at a cellular level we still carry this stuff around so we need to work more consciously to achieve freedom and make choices cultivated in that freedom. 


Often I see women breakout of their professional careers and carry the same lack of freedom around in their new lives and businesses. 


Why? Because they don’t know what freedom truly looks or feels like. 


So work out what freedom means to you……and what signs there might be that you are allowing your freedom and personal choices to be eroded. 


Ask yourself what things feel restrictive or small to you? 


Ask yourself what freedom was lacking for the women in your family who came before you?


And ask yourself what freedom could really look like for you? 


Cultivate your mission and create a vision around it.


Freedom is a personal voyage and one we must establish for ourselves. 


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