How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Oversharing…

I took a mid summer pause last weekend as I was feeling a little exhausted….. 

I’m wondering if part of our tiredness is related to the ‘oversharing culture’ – we are part of in today’s world?! 

We only need to jump online to hear who’s getting divorced, had a poor mental health week, and everything else that may have happened to them either now or in the past…..

Are we as Women Leaders, being encouraged to overshare in order to sell?

Are we ‘using story’ instead of ‘being in’ story. I think there is a huge difference between these two things. 

During this podcast episode, I share my top tips to prevent yourself from falling into the ‘oversharing’ trap. 

And I’d love to know – if that is a pressure you’ve been feeling or felt before?

I’m super happy to be back for our She Rebel Radio┬« summer ‘solo’ series and we will be exploring some questions to support you to LEAD with greater authority and authenticity. 

Listen Now :

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