Are we experiencing another Initiation for Women (75 years on)?

Today marks 75 years since the 2nd world war ended (although the emotional repercussions were far more wide reaching). 

The 2nd world war acted as an initiation (new beginning) for women to enter into the work place and to meet the need for esteem/prestige and achievement. 

75 years later – we’ve been facing a worldwide pandemic and a huge period of contraction. 

What must always follow a period of contraction? Expansion. 

And I predict in the next decade, the global expansion and huge evolution of women. 

The pandemic is a global initiation (new beginning) for women to rise to meet the need for self actualisation. 

That’s not to say, that women are not facing massive hurdles at the moment – we are, but so were our grandmother in the war. 

This doesn’t mean an initiation for women is not here — right now. 

There is no ‘ease’ with growth and expansion but it can be easier. 

Contraction is painful /uncomfortable women know that, it’s a feminine principle after all) and we also know, new birth and/or pleasure (expansion) is on the other side of it. 

The braver you are with the period of contraction – the greater the expansion will be. 

It’s time to do the internal work and I’ve created a free resource to help you get started : an initiation welcome pack with workbook and free audio. 

Download here :

During the training you will : 

1. Understand the Hierarchy of Needs in the context of Women and Women’s History. 

2. Discover three blocks from the old paradigm of success (and beliefs) which has been keeping you stuck. 

3. Reflect on your Initiation (new entry point) and what it means for you to finally begin to move forward. 

I look forward to welcoming you, download your free welcome pack at

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