An Invitation to find Self-Security

5 weeks ago I fell over in my Yoga class.

It was just before lockdown and I could feel it coming.

I was distracted and lost my balance..and rolled off my mat onto the floor.

(I was aware this has never happened before and joked to the rest of the class, how unstable I was feeling).

When our safety and stability needs are not met,

We lose our balance and fall over.

The secret to finding security is being able to find internal self-security,

despite what’s happening outside of ourselves.

And to do that it helps to identify what makes us feel unsafe,

and the behaviours we create around that.

At the moment, everyone’s need for safety and security is being shaken.

It’s an invitation to find it within.

Rachel Cashman joined me on She Rebel Radio (Episode 39) to share hints, tips, understanding and tools regarding psychological safety in a time of extended uncertainty.

During this episode, we discuss the impact of feeling unsafe, how you can identify it and the principles you can put in place to ensure you create safety for yourself (and others) at this difficult time.

Finding Self Security is the 1st Key to Self Actualisation and we are being challenged to address that need right now. 

And I’ve designed a 4 week course on moving forward, even when standing still. This course also came to me whilst on Yoga Mat as this is the time that more women are needed to step into their greater potential.

During the course, I share how to unlock the doors keeping you stuck in prestige rather than moving into self actualisation and your higher purpose.

Find out more at

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