4 reasons ‘tuning in’ every day is imperative to success as an online entrepreneur

After thinking meditation and mindfulness were for people who had too much time on their hands, as an entrepreneur ‘tuning in’ became a non-negotiable for me and a daily habit. It’s now the first pillar of my success strategy for all new and aspiring entrepreneurs.
There are all sorts of ways you can ‘tune in’ but firstly let’s dive in as to why it’s so important as an online entrepreneur:

   1. Your inner wise voice


Each and every one of us has the inner voice and wisdom that is inherent to who we are yet most of the time we’re too busy to stop and listen to the ‘deeper she’ or ‘he’ that knows.
Once you take time to tune in every single day, you begin to hear that deeper part of you on a regular basis. Believe me ‘she’ has some important gems to share with you which will help you pave your unique path to success.



    2. Create your version of success

Success means different things to different people and a huge mistake I have seen people making in the online world is mirroring the success of others instead of designing their own. The online word is pretty noisy right now and it’s easy to get overwhelmed or taken down a track that was never yours to begin with.



It’s accepted, that success is no longer simply about money and power. It’s about living life in accordance with your values and our success story is individual to every single one of us. It’s only when you tune in with your personal vision that it becomes possible to design success in a way that’s unique to you and only you.



     3. Energetic presence



We have to create the energy of what we want before we ever see it within our reality. To do that we have to feel into what we want our life and business to look like.



If you’re running around like a ‘blue-arsed fly’ (sorry English term) then feeling into the energy of your creation is a pretty hard thing to do. Instead, you end up hitting repeat and your default button over and over again. It’s exhausting. Tuning in enables you to stop, be present in the moment and then step into the energy of what you want to create next.



     4. Simple focus
Successful people are focused and they focus every single day. When you are focused, you need to take less action but the action is inspired and in alignment with your goals and intentions. So, if you’re short of time and don’t have time to ‘tune in’, then think again…..’tuning in’ is the very thing that will help you concentrate on what action you need to take now and what can wait.


So they are my 4 huge reasons why you need to be ‘tuning in’ every single day! No excuses. It’s the reason ‘Tuning in’ is my first pillar of success and I’m here to help you do just that.



I’d love to have you join me in making your ‘Tuning in’ Practice super fun, profound and easy.

I have designed the ‘Tuning in’ for Success Challenge, starting on the 19th February.


You will learn :


My secrets ‘tuning in’ tools that I use every day to create success on my terms.



How to tune in and be focused even if you’re short of time.



How do connect with the ‘deeper she’ that knows, your intuition and wisdom.



How to create your unique vision and stay in your own lane.


How to be more high vibe, present and allowing in your life and your business.


It’s a fun and free challenge and you can sign up HERE

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