26 Reasons you Need to Attend a Retreat this Year

I frequently hear reasons Why Women can’t attend a Retreat to work on themselves, their businesses and get the space they need to focus — so here are 26 reasons why you need to change those common excuses (which usually revolve around lack of money being generated in their business so far this year, lack of time and/or needing to put others namely children, partners etc first) :

  1. Advancement Strategy 

Retreating can and should be part of your business Advancement strategy. 

To retreat is to step back and essential before we can confidently and clearly step forward. 

  1. Breath : Instant bliss and boundlessness 

Never underestimate the power of breath : ‘with thoughtless breath, instant bliss returns, instant infinity….’

Focusing on the breath helps us to dissolve the things that confine us, become boundless and remove the limitations. 

  1. Connection to Others = Connection to Self 

Connection to Place, People and Purpose Matters, it is here that you can find truer connection to yourself. 

  1. Deep Work is the opposite of Shallow Work 

The opposite of deep work is shallow work and one that is devoid of meaning and purpose. 

In 2020, we entered the decade of purpose so it is essential to find yourself dropping deeper into who you are and refining what you are here to do. 

  1. Energise, re-vitalise and invigorate 

Energise, re-vitalise and invigorate yourself, your sense of purpose and direction. 

We can all agree that this past year has taken its toll and we are here to guide you back to picking up the pace – your way! 

  1. Female Founders 

Our retreats are exclusively for female founders, solopreneurs and women in business. 

Uniquely designed to ensure you leave the retreat with exactly what you need to grow, transform and evolve into your next chapter. 

  1. Gift that Keeps Giving 

The gift that keeps giving, our retreats act as a catalyst for real change and transformation. 

You will find yourself using the tools you learn and insights you gain again and again. 

  1. Holding Space and Taking Up Space 

At our retreats, we will hold the space and are physically, mentally, and emotionally present for you.

We will also encourage you to take up the space and also hold the space for others. 

  1. Set and Explore Intention 

Each of you will have a different yet similar intention, goal or objective for being at the retreat. 

During our opening ceremony, we will make sure you fully explore that, communicate it with us and ensure you leave the retreat with. exactly with what you needed. 

  1. Joy in the Journey 

The journey is different for each of us but finding more joy on that journey brings us together. 

At our retreats, we find many moments of joy and encourage you to not chase empty or meaningless destinations. 

11. Kindness Connects Us

We attract friendly, generous and considerate female founders at our retreats. 

Kindness connects us to each other, increases good karma and happiness as well as boosting the immune system.  

12. Location, Location and #Staycation 

We handpick incredible locations for our retreats and 2021 is all about the #staycation. 

From recycled woodland retreats, friendly spacious country houses and soulful yoga spaces  – we’ve got you covered in #devon2021. 

13. Making Decisions 

Making decisions should be a daily habit as an entrepreneur. 

Successful people MAKE decisions — at the retreat, you will be supported with tools to navigate making BIG decisions more efficiently and easily. 

Make no doubt about it, you will leave our retreats with new and exciting decisions made.

14. Nourishing with Nidra

Nidra is a sanskrit term meaning “sleep”. 

In yoga, yoga Nidra is a practice that induces a state of deep, but conscious relaxation. 

Nidra encourages you to let go of your thoughts and to deeply awaken the connection between mind, body and soul. 

15. Overcome Obstacles 

Overcome the internal barriers, thoughts, beliefs and challenges getting in the way of you doing the deeper work and impact you are here to make. 

We overcome limitations and are lifted higher when supported by others. 

16. Power in Your potential 

Discover more of your unrealised ability and the qualities which make you stand out as you. 

There is always another layer to go in uncovering your potential  and we are there to help you to realise itl even more fully than you are right now.

17. Queue for QUIET 

We practice stillness at our retreats and encourage silence before our morning yoga practice begins.

You are guaranteed to find peace and quiet here which is where so much of your clarity and intuition lies.

18. Rest and Reflect

Take the time to pause and  reflect : how do you want to be and show up in the world? 

What is being mirrored back to you? 

What’s working, what’s not and how can you dare to change it? 

19. Sexy Food 

Satisfy your soul and nurture yourself with nutritious and delicious ‘sexy food’ which gets you in the mood…..

For deeper self love, self care and nourishment from within. 

You’ll even leave with some new healthy recipes to take home.  

20. Turning Point 

Our retreaters consistently confirm that attending one of our retreats was a HUGE turning point for them. 

The retreat marks the place where significant positive change occurs and one which yields extremely favourable results. 

21. Unlearn and Unravel 

Forget the usual way of doing things so you can learn a new (and better) way of doing something. 

At the retreat we will unlearn some of the beliefs, stories, habits and behaviours which are – no serving you. 

You will also unlearn some of the roles and responsibilities that are ‘expected’ from you so you can drop deeper into who you really are. 

22. Vinyasa

Vinyasa means to MOVE with the Flow of the breath. 

This practice ensures we can take what we learn on the yoga mat into our daily lives and businesses bringing in more conscious awareness, continuous flow and harmonious alignment. 

23. Wild Women 

Make contact with the wild woman within and connect with your deep feminine instincts. 

Tapping into this gets you back in touch with your true and  authentic self…..and trust us, there is a little more wild waiting to come out. 

24. X Factor 

We deliver something special at our retreats that you won’t get elsewhere…

  1. Transformational self study programme before your retreat begins. 
  2. Empowering group and personal coaching and mentorship. 
  3. Embodiment with a deep nourishing yoga practice. 

All of the above is expertly designed through our combined years of experience to compliment & work  together as a complete package for deep transformation, empowerment and embodiment. 

25. Yin Yoga 

Yin is the opposing force of Yang. 

The moon to the sun. 

The dark to the light. 

The feminine to the masculine. 

They perfectly compliment one another and each cannot exist without the other.

Bring in more balance, harmony and connection to yourself with Yin Yoga, a deeply restorative and healing practice; physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. 

26. Zen Moments 

A state of calm, peace and attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than conscious effort (or a need to be doing all the time). 

Becoming one with who you are, what you do and even daring to lose yourself in the rhythm of it. 

It’s safe to say….we all need little more zen and our retreats will get you closer to it. 

It’s been an honour to share our A to Z of Retreats with you….we are super excited to see you at our retreats in 2021.

1. Feminine Success Retreat on the 25th to 28th June.

2. 3 Keys to Self Actualisation on the 13th to 16th August.

3. Space and Significance Retreat on the 8th to 11th October.

Contact lulu@luluminns.com for details of the final places available in June, August and October or you can apply here :bit.ly/applyretreat

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