Which Of These 3 Fears Are Keeping You Stuck?

Our biggest fears are universal, when we share and witness them with one another we feel less alone and more able to face them head on.

We all have fear and most of the time, we let it dictate what happens next….but that will never make us happy.

When we share our fears and survive somehow they don’t feel quite as scary as they did before.

Here are 3 of the most common fears that each of us have latched onto in our lives at some point.

So let’s meet those fears right now and identify which one is holding you back ?

A.    Fear of Rejection

No-one want’s to be rejected and this can often feel like a life or death situation We are tribal mammals and we survive on belonging. Many years ago, if we were rejected by our tribe or not picked by a mate for breeding, this was a life or death situation.

Getting left by the tribe meant being eaten by another bigger mammal and not being picked for breeding meant your tribal heritage was at risk of not continuing to exist.

It’s no wonder we feel this fear as it is inherently wired into our DNA but these days the life or death situation is not real. Yet so many of us allow this fear to take over and just the thought of being rejected by a group or a potential partner is gut wrenching.
B. Fear of Failure

We all want to be successful and importantly to be perceived by others as successful. So much so,  we can even fail to try something new just in case we might end up failing and we could end up with egg on our face.

If you think success is a badge of honour and failure is even worse than even trying, then the fear of failure has you firmly in it’s grasp.
C. Fear of Change

We feel totally safe in our comfort zones, we know what is happening, when and why. Throwing a cat amongst the pigeons will upset our status quo. We can’t predict what is next and how things will happen so we think we better stay right where we are. Surely, it would be much safer.

You will note each of these fears is just a projection of your mind in what may or may not happen, highlighting the worse case scenario.
But the reality is :

If you fear rejection, you’ll fail to truly put yourself out there and go after what you truly want. And you’ll never know the answer to what it is you truly desire. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

If you fear failure, you’ll never try ask for success on your terms. You’ll keep it small and safe. Every single successful and truly happy person has failed a dozen times over before they really end up where they want to be.

And if you fear change, you’ll never be challenged to grow or evolve which is truly what we are meant to do. The universe is constantly changing, growing and letting go of what it no longer needs. To be in flow with life and not stagnate, then we must do the same.

So what is your biggest fear ? Identify it and share with a friend in private. Once you identify it and share it, you can move forward to starting to conquer it.

And ok, I’ll go first, mine is totally A. I identify and accept I have a fear of rejection. And I share that with you right here as I did on my Facebook personal (yes personal) profile, the other day. That is an option for you too.


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