Why do You Need to Build A Wealth team

I was recently reading, Paul Mckena – ‘I can Make you Rich’ where he talks about building a wealth team so I put together a list of my amazing team of people who help me with my business. These includes people that I pay and some of those who I do not, as you can have both on your team.

I see so many entrepreneurs trying to go it alone and thinking they know all the answers. I was once there myself too. After all when you’ve already been super successful in your career, why would we need help?

Yet if you’re anything like me, tending to be an over-thinker, over-analyser and in a previous pattern of self sacrifice for success in your professional career – having a wealth team who has your back is precisely what you need to make the successful transformation from employee to an entrepreneur.

Trust me, I spent over a year trying to do it on my own before I realised surrounding myself with the right people was crucial to my success. It’s true to say I am far from good at everything…..my Mum has always said ‘you like to run around making a mess whilst other people clear it up for you’. Her comment is of course made with love but she really is right, I am a creative person with lots of ideas but I need the help of other people and their expertise to get those things out there in the world. I suck at the detail, it bores me.

As a coach, I love to support people to a high level and immerse myself in their world and that often means I am taken away from mine, so I’ve been growing a team to pick up the slack for me at things they are far better at than I am.

In a nutshell, when I am supporting others I need huge support myself.

So a virtual assistant, accountant and copywriter are the experts at what they do whilst I do my thing! And multiple brains are always better than one…….and with a mixture of expertise to brainstorm with, you are onto a winning wealth team.

My virtual assistant is equally creative but unlike me, she loves a spreadsheet and the detail involved. My copywriter understands my true and authentic voice. My coach understands my business, calls me out on my limiting beliefs, moves me out of my own way and has already been where I am in her business. My branding photographer understands my vision. And the ladies I trained with are there regularly providing emotional support and to mastermind with.

‘the mastermind principle’ – the “coordination of knowledge of effort…between two or more people”.  -Napoleon Hill

When you start out there is lots of going at it alone. But there will be a wealth team out there, just waiting to help you. Start your list and everyday reach out a little more to discover who they might be……the truth is we are  not meant to do this alone, so why are you?


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