Why You Cant Paper Over The Cracks

I’m excited to be launching my ebook at the end of the month : Shadow to Self – A journey of rediscovery for the female entrepreneur.

The book is about rediscovering your true self so you can put your best foot forward in your life and business. Transformation into being the female entrepreneur and woman you want to be takes time. Life is a practice, business is a practice and so is your spiritual path.

Shadow to Self is a return to your true and feminine self with 16 miracle mindset shifts where you can instantly ditch your ego and illuminate your path to success instead.

Is it time for you to unlearn the rules, rediscover your truth and reprogram to your higher self ?

I hope you are as excited as I am?!

The road to transformation and becoming with the woman with the life and business you desire is not an easy one. And it’s not a journey where you can paper over the cracks and cover up with positivity and pretence.

It’s a tough journey and at times it can be dark and even lonely. And a coach is not truly a coach if they have not had their own transformational journey.

How can anyone help another person transform if they’ve not done the same work and had the experience themselves?

The answer is they can’t. And whilst we still live in a world which values information rather than going deep within, I continue to see so many female entrepreneurs buying online course after course without doing the deep work on themselves. It’s in hope that this is the next answer you might be looking for but really the answers are all inside of you and not anywhere else. It is true we can learn skills and knowledge as a business owner but this is not the road to transformation. That is work which starts and ends with us. And many people are just not ready to have that journey yet.

That work starts with tuning in and knowing what is going on within your own shadows. Trust me, no course is going to fix that for you!

You have to go there with the dark side of your story and the emotion that comes with it before you can truly transform to a higher space. So keep doing the work and peeling back the layers of the beautiful ‘onion’ that is you and your stories. Keep meditating and stripping back the conditioning from life so far. Keep journaling and unravelling those crowded and busy 70,000 thoughts a day.

And if you really want to transform and are serious about having the life and business you want – work with an amazing coach and have a much quicker journey with high level support.

A very good friend of mine was thinking about working with a coach but couldn’t decide and I asked her two questions :

  1. Are you and your life worth more than £5,000?
  2. Do you have ten years to work this out or do you want to be happy now?

Ask yourself those questions before you make your next decision in your life and business. As really if you are considering working with a coach, those are the only questions you need to ask followed by :

3. How can I make this happen?

Are you ready to go from Shadow to Self and to transform to who you are really meant to be?

Are you fed up with papering over the cracks and ready to do the deep work?

If you’d like to be considered in working with me, please email us at info@luluminns.com to apply for one my exclusive 90 minute coaching intensives.

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