3 Reasons You Should Be An Entrepreneur

1. The world has changed

It’s predicted that in less than ten years time, 47 % of the worlds workforce will be self-employed.

Jobs and careers are no longer what they used to be. No longer are jobs the security they once were for life. Technology has changed the world and is replacing jobs as we know it.

In her book ‘Lean in’ – Sheryl Sandberg wrote about there no longer being a “corporate career” ladder’ but rather a “jungle gym”. And we have to move fast and change the pace to stay on top of our game. Yet it saddens me to see young people still training for a few years for their job for life which in reality for the large part is no longer the case.

The world is turning so fast you can’t stay in one place for the next ten years, let alone the next thirty years.

Technology has opened the flood gates for an entrepreneurial revolution, and entrepreneurs are the ones setting the pace for change.

We’re in the middle of a revolution which is as big, if not bigger than the industrial revolution.

You don’t need to be controlled or conditioned for the work force which now offer’s you zero hour contracts along with absolutely no guarantee’s. The big companies are currently holding all the cards and offering none of the benefits.

So you have nothing to loose in saying f*** it and making your own rules instead .

The golden handshake has gone, it’s been replaced by a golden slap in the face for years of work to one company or business.

2. You decide your worth

Employers pay you roughly 25% of your worth. They decide your worth and decide when your ‘good enough’ for a pay rise or promotion.

Have you sacrificed enough and shown to be ‘willing’ enough to play their rules?

It suits our social conditioning that other peoples opinions and validation of us is more important than our own opinion and self validation. it suits our conditioning that our job title is the most important thing about us – when in fact it really isn’t important at all. Who said it is?

And believe me if you’re a bit of a maverick like I was or like doing things your way, this will never work for you in the long run. Promotion in the corporate world is just ego’s moving around the chess board, who is scratching who’s back and it has nothing to do with your worth.

Yet you can spend ten years trying to do so, or you can decide what it is yourself and build your own dream instead of someone else’s.

3. You get to discover and use your natural gifts and talents

When you start out as an entrepreneur you literally do everything and anything in your business.  This is until the revenue is coming into your business and then you can build a team.

But in reality this is a self-discovery process of what your natural talents and gifts are, of what comes easily to you and what doesn’t.

For me as I coach, I naturally support others and always have done. I ask powerful questions and always have done. I’ve always had an ability to help people see things in a different way.

I write, as whilst this was something hugely resisted initially (which was fear), I have remembered writing is what I loved to do as a child. Whilst most in my class would write one or two pages, I would write nearer ten or twenty pages. I loved to write and tell stories.

Daily I build my brand and create my content as although I had a story that I wasn’t creative due to my art teacher telling me so at school!, now I’ve unleashed the creativity beast within, I’ve realised this is something I massively enjoy doing.

So here is why I love being an entrepreneur :

  1. I’m evolving along with the world
  2. I totally decide my worth
  3. Daily I use my gifts and natural talents

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