Have You Ever Had A Divine Download?

At the end of 2015, I made a commitment to meditating every single day. At first I fell on and off the meditation wagon but I kept going back to it eventually after about 5 months it became my one non-negotiable of the day. That is even before Yoga and walks down the beach.

Whilst Yoga was the catalyst that led me into feeling the peace of stillness and quietening of the mind, it’s meditation which changed everything for me.

“do you remember that cheesy song ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone”?

Well it just popped into my mind and made me laugh because it’s so true! I can see so much more clearly than ever before. And that is because with each meditation I strip back another layer of conditioning, another layer of beliefs and that little voice in my head which sounds so much like me but she doesn’t always know what’s best.

There is a deeper part of me that knows. The she that is wise and intuitive. The part of me that feels connected, free and happy. Emotions, thoughts and feelings come like passing clouds and waves that come crashing down before disappearing back out again.

The trouble and suffering starts when we become so associated with those thoughts, we let them dictate and decide how we feel, who we are and what happens next.

This weekend I was at an Ascension meditation training weekend from Friday night to Sunday evening. On Monday, I felt so rested, peaceful and happy for no apparent reason what so ever, but just because. I didn’t need anything to happen or not to happen for me to feel that way. I just was that way. And we all are when we don’t get so immersed in everything around us.

And the best thing that happens of all is what I like to call the ‘Divine Downloads’ which come out of nowhere, I get an amazing idea of clarity and creation. And I promise you whenever these happen, it’s in flow, alignment and ease that things start to happen around it.

My Ebook is one of those things that has totally come from my meditation practice. Firstly, the title came to me at the beginning of 2016. And best of all, it made no sense to me but it does now. So strong was the message, I sat down to write it straight away but the words wouldn’t come.

I even went to India in February to get the clarity I was seeking and whilst I devised a structure and knew the content, the words still didn’t fully flow. Then last week out of the blue during meditation, I realised it has to be an E book, short, simple and a tool the female entrepreneur can use on her journey to make decisions from a better space to really get the life and business she wants. I was overthinking and complicating it massively. So whose excited ? I certainly am.

Then with flow, ease and alignment, I wrote the entire draft in less than 48 hours.

On Saturday, I meditated three times that day and I received another divine download to host a 5 day money manifesting challenge in my Facebook Group. Perfectly in alignment with the New Moon which is the perfect time for manifesting! I took action and over 50 new female entrepreneurs signed up in less than 24 hours!
If you’d like to join us too, you can catch up by clicking here: bit.ly/bizhippytribe

This is why Tuning in is my first pillar of success. It doesn’t work when you do what other people are doing. It has to come from that deeper part of you. The wise and intuitive you, and to access her, you have to find stillness and to listen, your job is to not go out and get what you want, its to remove the barriers you have to receiving it. Learn to access a deeper part of yourself and flow will find you.

Your mind is the biggest barrier and hurdle to cross. It may even be telling you now that meditation is a waste of time, that you don’t have time and you’ve never received anything from doing it – Evidence you are overthinking it ?
Just get on and do it. Start for 2 minutes a day. Commit. Go back to it. And find your flow.

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