How to be the Woman who rocks her own Online business….

As a Woman with my own business, I didn’t want to follow the rules of corporate that I had spent a decade learning in the legal profession. I wanted to make my own rules and do things my own way.

And when getting a new business off the ground or to the next level, we must ask ourselves – a great question to ask yourself is how will I become the woman who?

It’s important to check in with how to be the woman who has all the things you yourself are wanting to achieve.

In my last blog, I wrote about asking yourself SMART questions as really your subsconscious knows the answers.

So how about this being one of the smart questions you need to start asking yourself.

How can I be the Woman who is a ——————————-?

Multi 6 figure business owner?

Full time coach with a sustainable and income turning over business?

Feels the fear and does it anyway?

Then go somewhere quiet and brainstorm your answers to these four questions :

Where does she go? And why?

What does she do? And how does she behave?

What does she say and to whom?

How does she feel?

Take a separate page for each of these questions and free flow your thoughts, ideas and answers to each question.

Are you being that Woman now?

And who is the Woman you need to step into being next?

We all have that Woman inside of ourselves just as we all have the 7 year old child who comes out when we least want or expect her too.

This is about bringing the best version of you to the forefront of the table.

It’s only by creating the Woman we want to be in our minds and who rocks her own busines can we start to bring her into being. We need to know all the ingredients for success and who that woman is so we can step into her shoes.

What kind of decisions is she making and why?

Like it or not, if we are already behaving, thinking and feeling like that Woman – we would already be where she is right now.

So what needs to change and how do you step into the role and the Woman you’re wanting to be? She’s there, you just need to bring her into being.

Do you remember the 1980’s film – Weird Science? I loved that film. And if you haven’t seen it it is where two teenage boys make their ideal woman onto a computer and bring her into being. They put in the ingredients and specifications and that is what I’m asking you right here and right now.

Who is that woman ?

You’re already that woman but you must consciously and creatively bring her into being.

The desires, wants and dreams you have are there for a reason. They are meant for you but you have to step it up and into being that woman.

So, sit down this week and find the time to journal and create the woman with the business and life you want to create.

What does she do?

Where does she go?

What does she say and to whom?

How does she feel?

Are you ready to step into being the Woman who rocks her own online business : apply to book a complimentary 90 minute coaching intensive with me –

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