Make Joy the Goal

It’s one of my busy coaching weeks which I love as I get to work with all my one to one clients plus have space for lots of yoga too.

Only last week we were talking about money but I also wanted to talk to you about Joy! The biggest goal of all!

Everything shifted for me in building my own business when I made enjoying the journey and joy the overriding goal of everything I did!

Rather than living for the ultimate destination of multiple 6 figures, travel, cars and the rest of the stuff as entrepreneurs, we all seek to achieve or have in life.

Joy is where it really matters.

I’d already had a successful legal career and got blindly sucked into the trap of striving for partnership, so much so the goal completely lost its meaning and I didn’t even want it anymore.

So, when I found myself meditating and taking more of a spiritual line for my online business, I knew I wasn’t prepared for the sacrifice anymore and wanted to make enjoying the journey the goal.

I remember training with my online group coaching course and people trying to strive ahead of the modules. I recall thinking, I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy the moment.

I am going to enjoy the time and investment in myself. I took the conference calls with me to the beach and knew what I wanted would come to me when it was meant too. That was despite me being in a position of financially having to make this work sooner rather than later.

But I remembered hearing Deepak Chopra at the beginning of that year saying ‘the only destination is joy’ and I pondered it for some time.

‘My only destiny is joy’

Simple, profound and it would stop me chasing the next thing.

Putting joy at the forefront and trusting the money would flow…..could I do that? I would try.

But it’s by stepping into joy that you start to find what it is that lights you up. This is where our purpose starts to come from. Your purpose never comes from one big thing that happens or a big action you take.

It’s all about the little steps we take and suddenly we find ourselves there : in joy and on purpose.

You can never ever know what that looks like first.

So find the things that bring you joy .

For me it was Yoga, Meditation and Culture at ‘The Home of the Surrealists’ (an amazing place, look it up!) and being by the beach which was crucial to my inner joy. Now I know I can tap into all of that anytime and I do every single day.

Serving my clients, hearing their breakthroughs and transformations also brings me huge, huge JOY.

Eckhart Tolle writes about Joy coming from our higher intelligence :our soul and deep inner wisdom, it is who we are at the core.

Pleasure on the other hand comes from an entirely different space, namely the Ego and with that comes the opposite emotion, pain,  and we’ve all been there haven’t we? The greatest intoxicating love and next comes the pain of him not calling you, or the greatest night out and the pain of your hangover the next day! That is because pleasure comes from outside of yourself and not within.

Joy comes from within, make that the overriding goal and believe me  , when I say you’ll start to watch the money roll in.

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