How to avoid falling into the online entrepreneurs comparison trap!

Last week, I picked up my dream car, a 60’s version of the VW Beetle and paid the deposit for my Mastermind Event in Morocco.

But it feels not so long ago, it seemed like everyone else was successful and not me.

With Social Media being crucial to running an online business, the comparison trap is a quick hole to fall into and a dangerous one.

With the average person checking their phones on average of every 6 minutes, online entrepreneurs can be online more than most. What other people are doing is consistently and constantly available to us.

Whilst this can be inspiring, it can also be disheartening – Why is it not happening to me?!

Initially you might hop on to network with potential clients or get support from a likeminded community because you feel alone with your entrepreneurial journey and then “boom” out of nowhere you start feeling rubbish. Often this can happen without you even realising why you are suddenly feel hopeless about everything.

As an inevitable part of the journey into personal development, meditation and coaching, I’ve become so much more aware of my thoughts, feelings and reactions.

All of a sudden I’ve felt the feeling and had to ask myself why it is am I feeling this way? Where is this coming from? What have I seen or read which has made me lower my mood?

And I remember I’ve seen online how this, that and the other person is doing amazingly well. The perfect business, life, travel and everything in between. It can be painful, when you’re still in the place of widening the gap between your life and dreams to get where you want to go.

I hear you, I’ve been there myself so many times and as they say most entrepreneurs are prepared to endure for two years what most people are not. But that is the route to success.

It can be difficult to stay in your own lane and the comparison track can throw you so off track. But remember successful people stay in their own lane. So don’t let it take over and start running the show for you.

Here are two things you need to remember  :

We know most people only show the good stuff on social media and after all who can blame them? When I’ve had my lowest moments and deepest transformation, the last place I’ve wanted to be is shouting about it online.

‘Hey everyone, I’m having a meltdown! And wandering why I am doing this’

But believe me I’ve had those moments, so many times.

The truth is it’s only after the dark times that we often feel brave enough to share with others. As at the time it can be too hard to admit to ourselves let alone shouting about it to the world too. And it’s ok to not do so.

Remember this no matter how it appears online, no-one is perfect and everyone is having their own battles. The tough times and failures are where we learn the most valuable lessons.

What kind of coach or business owner would we be if we hadn’t had tough lessons?!

These times will be your most transformational moments. The ones which you’ll share with others and the ones which will set you on the right path.

But the most important lesson in not falling into the comparison trap or replacing it with a competition mindset is that no-one is YOU and really it’s that simple.

Your job is to be you and not try to mirror someone else, neither their business or their success as I promise it will not work in the long term and neither will it make you fulfilled or happy.

It’s about being ‘as good at being you as they are at being them’ and remember the ‘only place you don’t have to compete is with yourself’ – Caroline Huffhugh

You just have to be you ! Only you can do you. And you have a voice and purpose that only you can do as you.

So how can you tune in with that and build your business from an authentic space?

When you step into that and become unapologetic in everything you are, things start to change and shift.

  1. Everyone has dark times and struggles, we’re all human. They are your biggest lessons.
  2. No-one can be YOU, so tune in and be that some more.

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