Why your Mind is not designed to make you happy?!

Here’s what happens when you let your head rule your heart?

We live in a mind based society which encourages us to not let our heart rule our heads. 

That would be a silly thing to do, but would it really?

Yes we need the mind to enable us to focus and take aligned and inspired action but really it’s our hearts which lead the way to what we want and are called to do. 

But what happens if we truly let the mind run the show?

We end up where we are right now, with a world in constant conflict and a western society of people who are desperately unhappy and looking for an outside source to fill a void that is lacking in their lives. 

Both the US and the UK have the highest problem of obesity, addiction and depression that we’ve ever seen. Why?

Because we let the mind rule the heart and it’s not the mind that makes us happy. Instead the mind has a constant dialogue with us all day long which by the way is largely negative in context.

Yet we allow ourselves to be defined by our thoughts and our beliefs whereby we create our sense of identity and ego around who we think we are. 

We’ve even developed a world where we even think its acceptable to tell one another what to think and if we don’t think the same, we’ll make an enemy out of one another.

But the truth is, at heart we’re all really the same. We all want the same things it’s just we are conditioned by the world to “think” otherwise and develop a sense of self that is separate from one another. 

The heart is fact 5,000 times stronger than the mind yet we live in a world who rejects that as an idea therefore we reject our own feelings and intuition as we are so busy in the mind, we are unable to hear our inner wisdom.

Even Einstein said ‘the mind is a faithful servant but a dangerous master’ and the current world crisis is evidence of how true a statement that is. 

But what is your personal crisis as guaranteed it’s for the same reason, you are letting your head rule your heart.

And I’m not blaming you for doing so as we are conditioned to do just that, but here are the facts of what happens when you let your head rule your heart :

  • You end up depressed, obese or addicted to something (this is all in a bid to escape your mind and feel good in another way as your thoughts are simply driving you around the bend).
  • You make bad fear based decisions by trying to predict the future which in reality none of us really know.
  • You stay stuck and waiting for someday this and someday that when the only real moment is right here and right now.
  • You judge other people and think you know better.
  • You compare to other people and decide you are not enough or good enough for what you want.
  • You copy cat other successful people but without success, wondering what it is you are missing.

Sounds harsh but its true and we have all done one or even all of these things.

In a nutshell your mind will keep you on a road to nowhere as you need to listen and tune into your heart space before using your mind to focus. How do you do that? 

You quiet everything down. You switch off the noise, practice presence and meditation every single day for 30 days – this is a practice which will change your life.

You will be able to declutter those 70,000 thoughts a day and finally hear what your intuition, gut, wisdom and heart is trying to tell you.

Had I listened to my mind I would have stayed in a job that was making me unhappy but it paid the bills. Instead, I followed my heart and created a life as an entrepreneur and this month am celebrating a five figure month…..go figure what happens when you follow your heart instead.

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