3 excuses you need to let go of as a start up entrepreneur..

I’ve been celebrating a 5 figure month with the launch of my coaching mastermind programme.

But I didn’t change where I was out of nowhere, I had to stop making excuses! And I had to get out of my own way in order to move forward with my life and business.

Today, I want to share with you the THREE biggest excuses I had to let go of!!

Perhaps you can do the same today?

Excuse 1. It’s not the right time for me

Have you found yourself saying ‘X has happened so it can’t be the right time for me’. Or ‘I’m just not ready yet so i’ll wait for a while’.

But in reality , this is just a story and excuse that’s getting in your way.

The only reality that exists is right here and right now in this very moment. The rest of what we do is what we project to be true and as a reason for stopping ourselves from taking action and moving forward. In short, we are expert at getting in our own way.

It’s because we are not willing to step up! It’s because we are not quite willing to take control and responsibility of our life.

This may sound harsh but it’s true! When we use this story of ‘not being ready’ or ‘it not being the right time’ we are reacting to life and not creating it.

The reality is, there is never the right time to start a business or step up! What is the right time? What does that mean? It’s a time which may never come.

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that jump in and create their life. They don’t wait for the right time. And they do it way before they are ever ready as ready does not exist.

Let go of the excuse and create a new mantra – ‘The right time is always now and I was born ready’.

Excuse 2. I don’t have the money to invest

I hear this one all the time and I’ve used it myself. I don’t have the money to invest in a coach or start something big, but guess what? No-one else has the money to invest in a coach, start a business or do something BIG. But they go out and make it happen.

Do you think Richard Branson spends 5 years saving up to start his next project? When you are up-leveling, you are always pushing past the boundaries of where you are right now.

Here’s the truth bomb! You don’t invest in a coach or start a business when you have the money! You invest in a coach or start a business to make the money.

If you wait for the money, you miss the moment and are pressing pause on having a great life. I didn’t have the money either, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my mortgage let alone invest in coaching. But I made that very excuse my reason for investing and changing where I was. My past thinking was why I was where I was so I had to change the record and do something different.

I changed can I afford it to can I afford not to do this?

So, let go of the money excuse and create a new mantra – ‘I’m an entrepreneur and always have the money to invest in my business’.

Excuse 3. Who am I to do it?

There are loads of other people doing it and they are better than me! With social media overload, we can easily get into a comparison hangover. Why should I do it when they are? Who would buy from me? I’m not as good as them? I haven’t got an original idea…blaa blaa.

But this is just another story to keep you staying small – if no-one else was doing it…it’s probably not a good idea anyway! I often say, if you haven’t got any ‘competition’ then you don’t have a business!

Do you think Picasso procrastinated about painting as other people were painting and creating art too? I don’t think so! He knew he had a vision that only he could create. That’s true of all of us. We all have a voice and vision that only we can create.

Let go of the comparison hangover  and create a new mantra – Who am I not to do it? Who is out there waiting to hear a message that only I can say.

I’ve made all these excuses  and I check in frequently that I’m not there again!

I’ve had a 5 figure launch because I stopped the excuses created empowering mantras I live my life by. Meditate on those mantras and just see what happens.

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