The lack and scarcity mindset

For every subject there are two stories!! One which relates to what we do want and the other to what we don’t want.

For every subject, we have a personal playlist of thoughts we play in our own minds around that subject.

The thoughts which we think repeatedly become beliefs, things we accept to be true without a second thought or question. Many of those beliefs are buried so deep in our subconscious mind we are not even aware that is a belief we have. Beliefs can be empowering or they can be limiting in there nature.

One of the subjects each and every one of us thinks about every single day is money! Love or hate it, we all need it and as entrepreneurs we need to be in the former category of LOVING and TRUSTING money. Your playlist needs to be high vibe and not in lack!

The most common playlist for money that I come across with my clients and potential clients is lack and scarcity. I understand it as I’ve been in that place myself. As I said at the beginning of this blog, for every subject there are two stories and with money it’s lack and scarcity or its abundance.

So check in which is your story at the moment? Not enough or more than enough?

Our thoughts trigger emotions and emotions as we know become feelings. So it’s not as simple as changing our thoughts, its changing our emotions in relation to money which is key.

Lack and scarcity is feeling of never having enough and often of not being enough. It’s an overwhelming feeling of the lack and scarcity shadow which seeps over every decision you make. Can I afford this? Can I afford that? Counting the pennies. Worrying. Second guessing and not trusting money or yourself to make the right decisions.

Abundance on the other hand is an overwhelming feeling of having enough, being enough and more is all always on it’s way. Trust, faith it’s always coming and you can make anything happen.

So what are the overwhelming feelings you are having right now? Are you in need of a money makeover?

What needs to change and how would you like to be feeling instead? As for every story we play there is another story? The good news is you get to choose and decide.

Which will you choose?

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