Is it time to ditch the Self-Sacrificing Mindset and become a Self-Caring Entrepreneur instead? 


fter two amazing weeks ‘working’ and relaxing in Goa, I flew back home at the beginning of the week.

During the first week away, I went to Ashram 2017 with Happy School Start Up Project and met over 20 other amazing start up business owners. Whilst we were all of different ages, backgrounds and businesses, we collaborated, inspired, shared and supported each other every day.

I’d planned to switch off my social media for a few days but there was such limited wifi during that first week, I was unable to switch back online. I accepted that maybe it was the universe’s way of allowing me to create the space I needed and self care required for the growth in my business.

As a group, we ate amazing meals outside at the best restaurants, had cocktails on the beach, danced at the night market and even on boat with the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. But it really doesn’t sound like much work huh? And I did have waves of some guilt thinking I should be doing more.

I only even made it to yoga twice when my intention was to go everyday. And on one of those days, I had a champagne breakfast and walked in the waves to our group meeting at a surf shack up the road – it was the perfect day.  Plus I made up for it the following week with 3 amazing days at the Ashiyana Yoga Retreat.

There was laughter, tears and really honest discussion between our group of over 20 start up entrepreneurs where we all admitted at times we’d felt alone with our lives and businesses.

You can’t put a price on true emotional connection and having supporters around you when you’re building a business. I had no idea when I set out alone two years ago, how lonely it can be at times especially when you’re used to working in an office and having people around you all day.

It’s also crucial to create the time and space you need to reflect and be inspired. To relax and tune in with where you are and what is next is crucial to moving forward with you and your business. Having your own business is an organic process which needs to grow and evolve just as you do. Over the past two years, I’ve realised taking the time to do that is essential and not self-indulgent, it’s required for a much happier and more productive me.

It took me some time to realise that I needed to ditch the self-sacrificing mindset and stories that I’d been playing over over in that I needed to be stressed and working hard at all hours to create a good income. I changed the story and built a self care mindset instead.

As entrepreneurs, we are the most important person in the business as without us, the business cannot grow or exist. Without me being at my best, my clients don’t get what they need and no-one hears my mission or message. My clients are giving birth to their new businesses and deserve me to be full of energy and fully present in the business and life they are creating.

Two weeks in Goa gave me the time and space to create, evolve and grow as a person, as a coach and as an entrepreneur.

Is it time you gave up the self-sacrificing mindset? Is it time to build a self-care mindset instead?

What is it that you need to start doing to create the time and space for you?

Perhaps you are thinking of starting a business but don’t have the brain space to do it?

Perhaps you are in such a state of self-sacrificing that you’ve forgotten the self care you need to be at your best and serve others?

What do you need to say no too and what do you need to stop doing?

Do you need to book that holiday or a spa day?

Make a commitment today to do that one thing for you that you need right now!

Self care and creating space as an entrepreneur is essential as is making connections with other entrepreneurs, a huge thank you the Happy School Start Up School for allowing me to do this in an amazing place with amazing people.

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