Why Trust is the Secret Ingredient to Success!

One of my clients said to me a few days ago “I can’t believe this is my life!”. 

Having just had an amazing week of bravery half way across the globe, she was so excited about what’s to come in her life and business which is about to launch.

“I feel like I have learnt to trust myself to live my life again”. 

We discussed how trust and faith in life is so crucial as when we loose that we get swept up in all the bad stuff life has to offer. We close up and stop trusting life but more importantly we stop trusting ourselves and our decisions. We stop having faith that great things can happen and then we see more of the crap being thrown in our direction. 

I know thats where I used to be having crap thrown at me from all directions. I closed up, shut off, and felt a need to protect myself from it all. I didn’t know where the next bit was going to be thrown from. Maybe you’ve felt like that too?

The trouble is when we go down that road, we stop trusting ourselves too. We stop following our gut, intuition and wisdom, instead we ask other people what they ‘think’ we should be doing and what they ‘think’ we should be saying. 

It’s often when a series of wrong decisions by following what everyone else thinks brings us to our knees that we start to ask for a better way. A better way of being, a better of way of knowing. That is a beautiful moment when we begin to open up to that better way. Slowly, like petals on a flower we begin to open and take a peak at what just might be possible.

When we open up, we start to see life as it really is and ourselves as we really are. We say goodbye to all the crap and bulls**t we surround ourselves with every single day. The egos and agendas of ourselves as well as others start to disappear. We give up the stories we tell about who has done and said what. And we stop saying the things we perceive to be true and start to concentrate on asking for more from life instead.

When you open up, you start to trust life is right there for you to grasp with both hands. It starts with trusting yourself, your decisions, your feelings and your intuition. 

My motto trust yourself even it makes no sense at all! Follow your gut, your intuition and trust you know, what you know. When you do that life, the universe and everything you are meant for starts to show up for you. You just have to show up first and trust the process.

So many people suggested I go back and practice law and questioned my decision to leave, but I trusted me and I asked for that better way….and success on my terms came in a better way than I could’ve planned for.

1. Get down on your knees and say no to the crap and bull**** in your life, career, business. (This is a good time to meditate)

2. Ask for a better way.

3. Learn to trust yourself & stop asking others for their opinion.

4. Then watch life start to unfold for you – it will, I promise!

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