Do you have two minutes to spare every day?

As I write this from my beach hut in India with views of palm trees and the ocean, I know that without discovering hot yoga and making the commitment to meditate every day – I would not be writing to this to you from India.

I used to think meditation was for people who had too much time on their hands! Really, who has the time (or inclination) to sit in silence doing nothing? What was the point? Surelt there was too much to do and too much to think about.

I was busy reacting to life as a lawyer, jumping to what everyone else needed of me and somehow I got left behind. I was unimportant and found myself stuck in my career and life. I knew what I didn’t want but wasn’t sure how to tune in me and find out what I did want.

Going to Yoga gave me an instant sense of calm and peace I found a way to stop the world turning over and over. Improtantly, I stopped my mind from doing so. Did you know we have 70,000 thoughts a day and most of them we are not aware of.

Our thoughts provide the foundation for our belief’s and often they are limiting belief’s so they are the very thing that hold us back.

When I stopped meditating, I felt more chaotic and less calm. I felt a huge disconnect from me, from others, my purpose and life. By finding calm, I was able to tune in with what I was thinking and importantly to start redirecting those thoughts.

Before meditating again, Arianna Huffington describes her mind as ‘similar to a household junk drawer, cramming enough stuff in and hoping it doesn’t overflow’.

And when our mind overflows with stuff, we become rigid and stuck, reacting to life instead of creating it.

I know first hand meditation changes the way you see the world as well as enabling us to be truly present in the moment. This improves the relationships with your loved ones and means you are able to increase positive thoughts of happiness, joy and gratitude. You become your life’s conscious creator and get to choose what comes next. You decrease your reactions and being the victim in your life.

As well as reducing signs of depression and anxiety, meditation is proven to physically change the brain by way of thickening the frontal cortex area. This area thins when we get older which causes a slowing to our sensory and emotional processing.

Studies have further shown over a 20% decrease rate in mortality, particularly cancer. It’s also purported that the calm which follows from meditation reduces inflammation to our immune system which is known to cause over 80% of diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes and many more.

So , meditation has proven positive effects for our entire wellbeing in mind, body, sprit/emotion as well as our physical health!

  • Identify your subconscious thoughts, choose your thoughts and change your beliefs.
  • Being present in the moment which increases happiness and improves personal relationships.
  • Feeling connected and creating your life!
  • Decreasing risk of cancer, mortality and many over 80 % of diseases.
  • Decreasing depression, stress and symptoms of ageing.

So , take just two minutes a day to sit in silence every morning and before your check your phone!!

Find a nice space at home where you feel comfortable and happy, even light a candle.

Sit cross legged on the floor, with your palms facing upwards on each knee.

Choose a positive thought, mantra or affirmation.

When your mind wanders (which it will) just bring it back to the above affirmation/thought.

Notice your breath going in and out, be in the calm.

If you commit to this one habit, I promise it will change your life.

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