Autumn is the season to let go

I love autumn, it’s my birthday season and a time of year where I feel naturally reflective on the year which has passed by. I look at what has gone well and what hasn’t. At a time when I was feeling stuck in my career as a lawyer and trying to find a business which fulfilled me, it’s also been know to be a time when I’m most likely to have a meltdown too. 

Yet this year for my birthday, I decided to travel to Croatia to reflect and surround myself with three things I love. The beach, yoga and prosecco. I also decided to let go of any expectation of other people in making sure I had a ‘good’ birthday. That was done for me and by me alone.

Naturally in Autumn, the leaves are falling off the trees and nature is letting go of what no longer serves it. Mother Earth has 4 seasons in the year, the moon has 4 phases every month as do we as women as we are naturally cyclical creatures. Yet a linear world means this is something we do not allow or honour within ourselves. Yet all four of these things correlate with one another, the seasons, the moon and us as Women.

Autumn is recognised to be the same as the phase of the waning moon which is post a Full moon and entering a New Moon. The waning moon is recognised to be the same as women pre-menstruation. Our hormones change, we miss the flux of testosterone and energy, we start to withdraw, reflect and struggle to not let our feelings show so much.

During Autumn, mother Earth naturally let’s go of what no longer serves her so why don’t we allow ourselves to do the same during this period?

I have found Autumn is a time where I do naturally and subconsciously let go of what no longer serves me. This time three years ago, at the end of November I sacked the boss and left the legal profession for good. A year later, I let go of my first business in the dating industry and in 2016 I let go of a ready made business too. I have also been known to have a meltdown in relationships at this time of year too.

As with nature, in order to make space for the new, we must let go of things which are no longer serving us. Yet too often we hold on. Imagine if nature held onto all the dead leaves throughout the autumn and winter? There would be no space for new buds to grow at Spring.

This is the perfect time to sack the boss, leave your career, let go of a business, a relationship, to declutter and make space. It’s the time get real about what is no longer serving you.

So what do you need to let go of?

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