how to be the woman who makes sh*t happen, and her dreams

Making sh** happen is easier said than done as we easily get caught up in the how’s, why’s and what’s. 

Overthinking, procrastination and perfectionism all keep us massively stuck with nothing happening but tumbleweed blowing past resulting in our dreams being a far cry from our reality.

But you can totally be the woman who makes sh** happen and her dreams her reality with these 5 crucial tips :

1.  Dive into Decisions

When you go round the houses not making decisions, you waste an awful lot of time and energy. The key is to make decisions and make them quickly. Whether they are right or wrong really doesn’t matter as you’ll never find out if you keep sitting on the fence still deciding.

2.  Let your feelings be your guide

If something isn’t feeling good to you, trust that as something is off. Tune in with the deeper part of yourself and trust if you’re not jumping up with a fist pumping “hell yes”, then its a simple “hell no”.

3. Ditch the how to’s

The how’s are none of your concern!  Whilst you’re a powerful creator, nothing is totally in your control. The universe has to work a little magic to support you in making things happen. Just focus on what you need to do next and take inspired action.

4. Don’t give in to fear

Your mind will always take you into fear : “you’re not ready, not good enough, it’s not the right time, you don’t have the money etc”. Recognise fear for what it is : call it by its name, say thanks, but no thanks, but “I am doing it anyway”.

5. Create a super woman mantra

Yes ladies, create mantras around being the woman who makes sh** happen and her dreams her reality. Set reminders on your phone, post it’s on your fridge and anywhere else that feels good.

A good example is “I am becoming the woman who really makes sh** happen”

Because with these 5 tips, you totally can be.

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