Why writing a book is like giving birth!

So it turns out writing a book is like giving birth! Breathing totally helps. 

Yeah right you say, like birth? And whilst I’ve never had that pleasure, I do know I was cooking up my book for the best part of 22 months. It was one long pregnancy with a whole load of procrastination as well.

I remember my first coach saying the same when I started my coaching business. It’s going to be like ‘birthing a business’, there will be highs, lows and a whole host of emotions that come with it. And that was true and I found the book to be the same if not more so.

The truth is creating and bringing ideas to life is putting our souls out into the world. And that’s never easy. It takes a whole lot of courage yet at the same time, it’s natural for every single one of us to create and want to leave a legacy behind. And even if we are not aware of it, we busy creating ‘something’ every second of our lives. Like it or not, we have all created where we are right now.

And with every conscious creation comes fear. Fear that we can’t do it, shouldn’t do it or something might go wrong. Maybe it’s not the right time? But what if we run out of time and never create the book, baby or business that we wanted to? Equally scary right?! It’s scary to do so but it’s scary also not to. And when the pressure mounts, it becomes more uncomfortable to not create. It’s then that we eventually step into our creative power and truly get started in creating from our soul space.

‘Creativity is my way of sharing my soul with the world’ – Brene Brown

Once I received the clarity I needed and the fear turned into eagerness, the conception part aka the writing of the book was actually the easy part. Getting it out into the world took a little more time! And I had a team to hold my hand, helping and supporting me every step of the way. As with any creation whether it’s baby, a new business or book, we are not meant to do it alone. 

I had a consultant by way of my copywriter and editor Mollie, helping me to shape and mold the final version.  And I had a midwife, my virtual assistant Rachel helping me with the final part of birth in getting the book and all it’s additional tools out there into the world.

The good news is as an author birthing a new book, we can totally have a glass of wine or two to celebrate the birth of her new baby entering into the world.

So big respect to all you mumma’s and creatives out there. It takes courage to create and remember we are not meant to do it alone.

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