Have you taken the time to create your vision for success?

Last week, I talked about the saying ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’. being a myth and quite a destructive one at that. Taught to be skeptical we tend to avoid really imagining what we want just in case we fail and that leads us to disappointment.

But we’ve learnt the most successful athletes, speakers and movie stars all visualise their successes way before it ever happens. Why? Because our mind doesn’t know the difference between our imagination and reality. 

Writing goals down communicates with the left hand side of our brain, the logical and analytical side. In effect we are consciously instructing the subconscious brain as to what it wants.

When we create a vision or picture of what success we this communicates with the right hand side of our brain. As only 1 % of the population write their goals down, you can imagine how few actually create a vision for the success they seek. What I can guarantee is these will be the most successful people in the world as they don’t think its stupid, a waste of time or that they have anything better to do.

The reality is ‘you have to believe it and visualise it before you will ever see it’.

So perhaps you are one of those people who has written down your goals for 2017 but now it’s time to create a vision of what the end of 2017 will look like for you. Firstly, write down your vision as if it has already happened, all whilst being happy and grateful for it.

‘It’s December 2018 and I am so happy and grateful that [XYZ list what has happened this past year and how you feel about it happening, the things you have achieved and what life looks like].’ 

Write this like a movie script which you can see with your own eyes, so you can see the things happening all around you. You are the leading role so see it through your eyes.

Secondly, once you’ve created the vision, lie down and close your eyes for 5 minutes and see the vision, feel it, hear it, smell it and taste it every single second of it.

Thirdly, create a vision board. Collect pictures and images of your success story that you’ve written and create a board which makes you feel all of the things you felt above when you wrote and visualised your script.

I promise you this is powerful, powerful work that the most successful people in the world. They write down their goals and they visualise it, focusing their energy on making it happen. The rest of us are running around too busy to stop and think what we want. We are busy being busy, reacting to life, climbing for success on other people’s terms instead of creating and designing it for ourselves. Your brain goes into default position as you forgot to tell it where to go…..

So don’t think this is a waste of time, I promise you it isn’t – this is what successful people take the time to do!

It’s no accident that I created a laptop lifestyle and the freedom to work from anywehre in the world, I wrote it down, I designed it, visualised it and then made it happen.

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