Ladies, it is not too late to write your Christmas Wish List!

As children we’re taught to write to Father Christmas and ask for what we want. We read books where a Genie grants 3 wishes but when we get older, we learn from others that Father Christmas doesn’t exist and life can be pretty unfair. We see that we don’t aways get what we wish for, so why bother wishing at all?

We’re told that money doesn’t grow on trees and we can’t have everything we want because life simply isn’t like that. Accordingly, we disengage from Father Christmas and shrink our belief’s as to what we believe to possible. Alongside this, we reduce the size of our wants and dreams.

The first rule of the Law of Attraction is to ask for you want. The second is belief and we will work on that next week but for now – What do you want for the year ahead? Really, if anything was possible what do you want? If you could do or have something what would it be? Even if you didn’t tell anyone else, what would you do? 

Now, I’m always talking about your mind not being designed to make you happy which it’s not. Your heart is and that is where you need to go to find out what you really really want. What would feel good to you?

So, I have a task for you this week before New Year, I want you to start writing a wish list for the upcoming year that is 2017. What do you want to be, have and do? 

You deserve this time, so start right now grab a notebook and when you think of something you want, add it to your list.

Write this as ‘I WILL BE THE WOMAN THAT {complete the blank]’.

Here are some ideas for you :

I will be the woman that has a massage once a month

I will be the woman that writes a book

I will be the woman that has a cleaner

I will be the woman that travels to Bali

I will be the woman who is loved and cherished

I will be the woman who inspires others  

I will the woman who starts a business

I will be the woman who has a 6 figure business

It’s nearly NEW YEARS EVE, so don’t be shy, get it down on paper today and build your vision for the year ahead. Give yourself permission to dream that if anything could happen you be will be the WOMAN WHO….???

I often to say to clients, we all have the shy little girl who is scared to write down or say what she really wants. We’re afraid someone might find our journal or laugh at our dreams. But if we don’t even ask or let ourselves dream of what we want….it’s guaranteed to never ever happen.

So, promise yourself you’re going to be the woman who dreams and then get dreaming girl!

Hey Ladies,

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