I cancelled Christmas on my way to Manhattan

It’s been a huge time of reflection for me this week as it’s been two years since I was on a flight to New York and I decided that I would cancel Christmas and resign from my job as a Lawyer.

I have to confess I’d had very large gin and tonic in the executive lounge before the flight which helped with such a scary decision. Before the flight, I’d received a phone call from the office about not getting directorship at the firm. Whilst I was annoyed as I’d given everything to my career, I felt a deep sense of relief  – this meant I had the reason I needed to finally leave. 

For too long, I’d been ignoring niggles that my path needed to change. As I rose up the ranks, it dawned on me the higher I climbed, the more dissatisfied I felt. I’d started to wonder what was I climbing for? What is at the top of the corporate ladder anyway? 

To decide in latin means to ‘cut off’, in effect I decided that I would stop straddling the fence as I had been for two years. I would set out on a mission to follow my heart in becoming an entrepreneur and to find out if the grass is really greener.I had £5,000 in the bank, a mortgage to pay and no real plan in place, apart from to cancel Christmas. Suddenly, for the first time ever I had no idea of where my life was going or what was next. I was petrified, excited and nervous.

Being a woman of my word when I got back from NYC, my hand was shaking as typed my resignation email and pressed send. There have been twists and turns this past two years but I’ve been a woman on a mission to find out if success without sacrifice really exists. I am pleased to say that it does. In only the first few months of launching my high-level success coaching business, I have matched and exceeded my corporate salary!

Investing in coaching for me was the single best decision I have ever made. Coaching makes good people great. Coaching helps you get to the route of what you really want and why. Coaching changes the way we view the world so we show up in an entirely different way.

With New Year around the corner, the first step to transformation is to decide to decide what you are not available for anymore? Make the space for the new in your life and show up like you have never done so before. Making key decisions now is crucial for success on your terms in 2017.

If you are not where you want to be right now, decide that you are going be the powerful person you are and change it. I know you can do anything it is that you want to do!

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