When life throws you lemons make lemonade…

Let me tell you a story about Lee Miller, an idol of mine since I was 16. Lee (Elizabeth) was a vogue super model in the 1920’s, until one of her photographs was sold to Kotex for advertising purposes. Let’s just say women’s sanitary wear was a taboo subject in the 1920’s, so none of the fashion houses wanted the ‘sanitary towel girl’ wearing their couture evening gowns. Her career finished over night. But instead of being downtrodden, Lee decided she’d prefer to be behind the camera anyway, so that is what she did. Seeking out at the best mentor she could, American Photographer Man Ray, Lee set off and found him in Paris before learning everything she could to be as great as he was.

Later, Lee returned to New York and opened her own photography studio. A woman having her own business was not the done thing in the late 1920’s, let alone in an economic depression. But Lee didn’t care, she did it anyway and was a huge success even modelling for her own shoots when finances were down.

When the second world war broke out she was the only female war correspondent on the American front line witnessing the atrocities in the nazi prison camps and the liberation of many European cites. Lee was a woman who reinvented herself time and time again!

So, the saying goes, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Two years ago, lemons were being thrown at me in every direction! Eleven years in the legal profession and I felt flat, indifferent and quite frankly peed off with my career. I didn’t feel valued, respected or understood.

The trick to making lemonade out of lemons is to use your perceived set backs and failures as an opportunity to reinvent yourself, to choose something better for you.

Every successful person (Oprah Winfrey, Goldie Hawn, Richard Branson etc) has had failures or perceived failures in their lives. It has made them the person that they are today and it has contributed to their huge successes as well as making the success taste a little sweeter. Successful people celebrate in public what they have practised for years in private. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes work, persistence and insistence.

When I realised the legal profession was not for me anymore, I floundered about for a while and had some successes but when I decided to reinvent myself entirely on my terms without sacrifice, I began making lemonade out of all of my lemons, I added fizz and sweetness back into my life. 

You can do the same too, if you need a mentor/coach to support you in transforming your lemons to lemonade, please do not hesitate to book your free call with me here today : bit.ly/advocatesuccessfreecall.

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