Why make Abundance your buzz word of the week?

I’ve had the most abundant week of the year so far!

I finally found my cat who had been missing for a month and I’ve had the most amazing week in my business to date!!

Abundance is a buzz word at the moment and currently thrown about by entrepreneurs like confetti. But why and what is all about?

The meaning of abundance in the dictionary is having ‘a large quantity of something’. But why does that matter?

Put your hand up if you have ever said one of or all of the following things :

I don’t have enough money/I can’t afford it

I don’t have enough time/there are not enough hours in the day

Maybe I am not good enough for him/her/that job or next promotion or next client

I am not enough

I bet my bottom dollar you say at least one of those things to yourself every single day. If you say it once, your brain will play it over and over to you silently and subconsciously.

We have between 20,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. I can safely say, lawyers, corporate workers and academics will be at the higher end of the scale with the amount of thoughts we have every single day. But so often our conscious thoughts and the ones we choose to listen too are about our work, other people and not us at all. We are too busy to think about ourselves.

Brene Brown talks about us living in a society of deep scarcity and there never being enough, we are never enough. Living in lack and scarcity also causes the competitive nature in the corporate world. Competing for promotions, clients and being flavour of the month.

The office politics, egos and agendas would evaporate if we all believed firstly, we are enough and secondly, there is a large quantity of anything we may want! If we looked at the world with  the view of an endless stream of clients, money and promotions, there would be no need to compete with one another. In fact there would be every reason to collaborate instead.

So catch yourself when you are saying ‘there is or I am’ not enough.

Instead try to live abundantly and flip the switch : 

I always have enough money / I can afford to buy whatever I choose

I always have enough time / I choose where to spend my time

I am always good enough

I am more than enough

Pretty powerful huh, the truth is we create our own reality. Our daily self talk is our self-fulfilling prophecy.

Telling yourself you don’t have enough or are not enough is the catalyst thats keeping you right where you are.

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