Is the Corporate Suit Suffocating You?

I’ve been busy this week creating my new 4 month business programme which I am excited to say will be ready to launch really soon.

I love being creative and wanted to ask you, is the corporate suit suffocating your creative side? Having had amazing breakthroughs with my clients, it is clear, we are far more than corporate suits. We are beautiful writers, talented singers and many of us have learnt from bad experiences which we want to use to help others.

What creative talents and jewels are you hiding?

One of the oldest and most generous tricks the universe plays on human beings is to bury STRANGE JEWELS within us all, and then stand back to see IF WE CAN EVER FIND THEM.

– Elizabeth Gilbert

When I first qualified and started to power dress as a young lawyer; the sharp suit, hold up tights and high heels made me feel more confident and assertive.

After 10 years of dressing this way,  stuffing myself into my work dress and putting a corporate jacket over the top began to feel suffocating. I felt trapped and like I couldn’t breath.

This was my armour, daily I had to pull a masculine energy out to face the battle in the Courtroom and the Boardroom. I was tired, wiped out and the suit, a metaphor for how I was feeling.

I was burying a part of myself, the feminine part most certainly but also the creative side too. I’ve never considered myself ‘creative’ (I was hopeless at art in school), but we are all creative! I’ve created my coaching business, programmes for my clients, my brand and even this blog post.

Grab a pen and paper and to release your creative side, answer these six questions.

1. Do you feel you need to tap back into your creative side?

2.What hobby puts you completely and totally in the moment?

3. What did you love to do as a child?

4. Where can you get more creative?

5. How would it make you feel to be more creative?

6. What are you committed to changing today?

Don’t suffocate in silence, find and release your creative side, you just don’t know where it could take you.

PS. We all have hidden treasures and a creative side, are you going to take the time to find yours?

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