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I was at the Ritz on Wednesday celebrating the launch of Advocate My Success and Graduating as a Coach! A change from the Old Bailey where I spent early years practicing law.

I did my usual class meets clumsiness by firstly, trying to enter the Ritz Hotel from Piccadilly, instead of the side street entrance. (Note to self ladies, use the door opposite Fortnum and Masons if you want to look like your a regular visitor at the RITZ). When the concierge tried to take my coat, I got my necklace caught up in my scarf and ended up with my handbag falling around my ankles. Yes, really!!

Despite the start, the day was incredible. I was totally inspired by my coaching colleagues who flew to London from all around the world, including the US, Australia and New Zealand. I will be collaborating with these amazing women for my next 6 month package so watch this space.

Whilst celebrating my Success in building my dream business and following my real passion of coaching other Women in the Legal Profession to create real change in their lives and career choices, I got to thinking it was not about celebrating at the glamorous Ritz but about the successes I’ve had along the way. A glass of Prosecco when I launched my website (honestly just one), celebrating the breakthroughs my clients have had and the strong international coaching connections I have made.

One of my favourite quotes is by Oprah Winfrey

‘What I know for sure is that it’s only when you make the process your goal that the dream can follow’.

It is the journey that matters and celebrating your successes along the way. Success is an inside job, it’s about how the things you achieve make you feel. Yet so often, we get caught up in how our success looks to other people. We can find ourselves striving on a journey of pain and struggle in order to prove our success to others. I found myself in that place when working towards partnership.

I’m not saying success is easy and doesn’t come without hard work, sacrifice or even bad days! Going for the goal or dream is about who you become on that journey to success, how you evolve and what you learn. If you don’t stop, listen and learn along the way, even adjusting your course where necessary – your ultimate destination may be empty.

So it’s time to grab a pen and paper and ask yourself these questions today : 

1. What Success do I need to celebrate but haven’t?

2. What is the next Success I want to celebrate and why?
3. How will that Success make me feel?

4. Am I still on the right track or do I need to adjust my course and even change the destination?

Stepping forward, taking action and making decisions about what is next for is you are all successes. So start making decisions, taking those baby steps and celebrating along the way.  

PS. Stopping to celebrate your success is crucial to being ‘Successful’, enjoy the journey and don’t be afraid to adjust your course where necessary.

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