5 Steps of what to do when Life throws you a Curve Ball (which it inevitably does)

If one thing is inevitable in life, we get thrown a curve ball every so often which completely throws us off track.

It could be something big which throws us off for months or something small which happens during the day or for that week. 

You will recall in last week’s blog, I mentioned my cat was missing and as I write this he has been missing for over 7 days. Otis has been by my side day and night for ten years SO HIM being on the missing list has completely thrown me off track both time-wise in tirelessly looking for him but also emotionally.

So %FIRSTNAME% here are 5 tips you can use, when life throws you a curve ball too.

STEP 1 : Step Back and Assess your Priorities

It’s important to step back and decide whose curve ball it is.

If it it someone else who ‘needs’ or ‘wants’ you, firstly assess if that need or want is more important than your own tasks and goals. If it isn’t, then divert this curve ball away and focus back on what you set out to do.

If you instinctively know the curve ball is of overriding importance to you, ie. a family member, very close friend or pet in real need then make the empowered decision that this curve ball deserves your attention and your priorities will change.

STEP 2. Delete Distractions

Delete the tasks you were planning to do but are no longer important given the situation at hand. Decide what can wait until later and move those tasks to the back of the queue.

STEP 3. Don’t Drop the Ball completely

The trick here it to keep a list of things you feel cannot wait and you would like to still get done. Keep your list at hand then try to slot these in around the curve ball you are dealing with. 

Step 4. Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t keep feeling guilty, thinking ‘I should be doing this and I should be doing that’. Remember you have decided above what is and is not important so just focus on that until the curve ball is over.

If this is a long term distraction and issue at hand, reassess and repeat the above steps each and every week. 

5. Keep the Faith

Stay as positive as you can, your curve ball will be temporary and will not last forever.

So %FIRSTNAME%, if you have a curve ball right now take the time to stop and do these 5 steps today!

PS : It’s inevitable life throw’s us of track, the trick is to be present and deal with what you can at any given moment.

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