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Genius Wheel

in their 40's and 5o's.who are ready to unleash the next level of their genius and forge a new and inspiring path. 


To uncover the next level of possibility for you and to create long term, meaningful change and transformation? 


Many Women Leaders are successful but hit a plateau in their 40’s and 50’s and start feeling lackluster in their next steps. 

You know the feeling……a long ‘to do’ list which is not getting done and feeling like you’re simply ‘going through the motions’. 

There are changes you want to make but it’s not happening and maybe you’re not even sure what changes are really required. 

But you need to release something. Reflect and consider ‘it all’ from a different perspective…..

You’ve come a long way, achieved a lot yet you are thinking, is this really it?! 

Don’t I have more to give….? Why can’t I pinpoint where I go or what happens next? 

And deep down in the depths of your being, you know you have so much more to give but you just don’t know how to unleash it. 

The old ways are not working……and that is because you need to find a new way of YOU doing YOU. 


Women have unique life cycles and go through a deeply personal rite of passage in their 40’s and 50’s, one which society has largely ignored and misunderstood……

And your ‘Sacred Self’ is very different from your ‘Social Self’
 - who’s got you this far…..

the problem is this : 

So, you keep wondering and pondering but hitting a default button which means you keep acting from ‘your Social Self’, aka the heavily conditioned you that you’ve created for others and whilst she’s served you so far she totally won’t allow you to get to the next phase…..

And what is that next phase?

It’s beyond positions of prestige or esteem, it’s the peak of actualising an even greater possibility, potential and purpose.  

Hitting positions of prestige in the workplace or for your business (and even motherhood or caring for others) is a very different version of you than the one you need to hit your peak and unleash the top 30 % of your genius to the world. 

And she is bellowing at you from the depths of your being. 

you can hear her right?

Yet you’ve been unable to translate, that she is your ‘Sacred Self’ speaking and she’s ready to unleash that next version of you and a bring a culmination of all you've experienced and all you are.

Your ‘Sacred Self’ is very different from your ‘Social Self’ - who’s got you this far…..

The truth is - she’s got to step back and this NEW buried version of yourself needs to step forward.

Elizabeth Gilbert said in BIG MAGIC : ‘The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them’

Yet finding those treasures takes work, focus and courage - even hours of devotion and the clock is ticking and you are feeling that rhythm. 

Meet your sacred self :

Over 12 weeks, I will guide you through your unique rites of passage ensuring you reconnect with your sacred self to ensure you can and will unleash that 30% extra of your genius. 

This programme is a total gift to yourself, it is timeless…….an introspection and retrospective which every woman who’s come as far as you totally deserves. 

Just imagine that world - where every woman really had the time to really develop her genius…I know we’d be living in a very different world right now? 

And it starts with you today….

  • Unleash the next level of your GENIUS into the world.
  • Reconnect with yourself on a DEEPER level.
  • Understand your unique life cycles.
  • Forge a new and inspiring PATH.
  • Uncover the next level of POSSIBILITY.
  • Create LONG LASTING meaningful change and transformation. 

When we work
together, you'll :

12 week Personal and Leadership Intensive 

Modules Include 

Over 12 weeks, you'll receive access to 3 life changing self study modules : 
Each module will contain a weekly lesson for you to explore. 
 Alongside this you'll be supported by me with bi-weekly personal coaching x 6

IDENTIFY rites of passage


Summary : A Retrospective Moment

During this module we will pause, reflect and identify your sacred self and rites of passage. 

By the end of this module, you’ll understand your key life cycle moments and the wisdom they have to share with you. 

Unlock Self Actualisation


Summary : A Stepping Stone 

During this module we learn the path and grow into self actualisation unpicking the blocks and meeting the resistance. 

By the end of this module, you’ll have the tools you need to continue on the path of actualising your greater potential and purpose. 



Summary : An Explosion of Genius

During this module we create and get intimate with your unique and sacred self.  

By the end of this module, you’ll integrate all aspects of self and navigate to a clearer view of the gifts and responsibility you have to lead more powerfully than before.


VIP includes :
2 day Retreat Event in West Ireland where we will also explore the magical Moher cliffs and Wild Atlantic way. 
3 x Additional 1:1 Coaching Sessions with me. 
Extension of Programme to 6 months. 


Meet Lulu

Lulu is award winning Coach and Retreat specialist, plus founder of She Rebel Radio ® celebrated for ‘counter status quo ideas’ and ‘whole dose of feminine perspective’, the podcast has attracted sponsorships from Local Enterprise Partnerships and Natwest Business Hub. 

Specialising in Personal and Leadership Development Coaching for women leaders, Lulu's background in the social sciences creates highly unique learning pathways for her clients with a mixture of deep self enquiry, exponential personal development and raised conscious awareness of themselves and those around them. 

Her approach is integrative, highly intuitive and perceptive and not solely head based, but also body based which is essential to creating substantive and long lasting change. 

Working as a criminal defence litigator for over 11 years, a large part of Lulu’s work is supporting women in their own businesses, private organisations and the public sector including government departments, universities and charities.

Named after ‘Lulu from Hollywood’ signifies the culturally rich environment Lulu grew up in, ie. a record shop in Brighton surrounded by musicians and many artistic influences. She is an avid reader of female/feminine narrative, challenger by nature and a lover of Mexico. 

 Here are what some of my clients say :
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CEO Broadcasting and Media Company/ Music Entrepreneur 

"Like Magic, everything we worked on, radically changed" 

With 32 years experience in the music industry, Emma was ready to unleash the next level of her sacred self to not only her business but her life and relationships too.

Attending retreats and working with Lulu 1:1
ensured a total transformation :
"My whole life and business has changed"



Leadership and Career Coach
Head of Coaching Banking Corporation  

"I feel better connected to myself and in trusting my own unique voice & experience"

Ensuring a smooth transition of her sacred self into motherhood and as a business owner, Kat left the corporate world of banking after 12 years and entered her next life cycle with confidence and ease.

Kat has attended retreats, self study courses and 1:1 support with Lulu. 



Managing Director, Digital Marketer and Writer

 "Working with Lulu is as disruptive as it is harmonious" 

Helen discovered a whole new way of working using the feminine principles and discovering her zone of genius. After 15 years in the charity digital sector, Helen successfully set up her own digital agency (whilst being a mum of two) where she now hires other freelancers to help with her workload. 

Helen accesses day retreats and 1:1 coaching with Lulu and loves the self study support. 



Chief of Operations and Managing Director 

" ‘It was a punctuation mark to stop and ensure I took ownership’" 

30 years as Chief of Operations and project manager, Louise recognised a work relationship pattern she needed to break ahead of what was a significant birthday and her sacred right of passage.

Attending a retreat, workshops and accessing the self learning support meant Louise has stopped putting others needs first, taken ownership and made a successful leap to becoming her own managing director. 




Clinical Director & Physiotherapist Business Owner

"I think absolutely every woman should do this. My cork has popped baby’"

With over 22 years experience in running her professional physiotherapy business, Sabreen has undertaken her own personal development work but working with Lulu ensured she unravelled barriers that had been holding her back and felt truly liberated as well as even more capable for her next significant chapter.

Following the Space and Significance Retreat, Sabreen said "it was really deep work, enriching helping me to really move forward"



Coach, IT Consultant and Director  

"This has taken me on a journey that far exceeded my expectations"

25 years in the IT sector, after starting an independent consulting career, Jo wanted to diversify but had no idea how too : 
"working with Lulu changed that and transformed my life, career and relationships more than I could have ever imagined including my relationship to myself. 

Working 1:1 with Lulu, accessing self study and attending retreats regularly, Jo says "I surfaced the strong, confident, independent and tenacious business woman I am. It's hard to encapsulate the
interweaving and blend of the work."

 This is about women being women and expressing ourselves at our highest level which is near impossible when we’re living by principles that we did not ourselves create.

Feminine energy and principles have long ago been disregarded, disrespected and almost destroyed but she is returning and as women we all have a duty to embody, live and lead from that space.

 But how can we do that if we don’t know what it is or how to access it? 

 This is about women being women and expressing ourselves at our highest level which is near impossible when we’re living by principles that we did not ourselves create.

Feminine energy and principles have long ago been disregarded, disrespected and almost destroyed but she is returning and as women we all have a duty to embody, live and lead from that space.

 But how can we do that if we don’t know what it is or how to access it? 



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