Are you ready to discover the uniqueness of your 7 year personal growth cycle? 

f you crave exponential personal growth and desire the tools to elevate your next phase with intention, welcome to The Genius Wheel – a transformative journey meticulously crafted for women leaders like you.

What Is The Genius Wheel?

The Genius Wheel is not just a programme; it's a unique journey that spans the seasons of the year, guiding you through themes and experiences that will empower you to leverage your unique personal growth cycle whilst you unleash your greater potential. 

πŸ”„ Two Cycles in One: The Genius Wheel encapsulates both the seasonal cycle and your personal growth cycle, providing a roadmap for personal development as well as understanding the rhythm of nature.

🌺 Dance to Your Own Rhythm: "An empowered woman is one who dances to her own rhythm and no one else’s!" The Genius Wheel is designed to help you find and understand your personal growth cycle at a much deeper level so you can align decisions, plan for the future and even tune into lessons you may have missed from the past. 

Who Is It For?
Whether you're a dynamic female entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, or simply a woman with a passion to lead differently,

The Genius Wheel is tailor-made for you. 

Our Transformative Journey Through the Seasons:

🌼 Imbolc - Belly of the Mother (1st Feb): Embrace nurturing growth and make space for new beginnings.
🌸 Spring Equinox - Curiosity (21st March): Cultivate curiosity and explore new possibilities.
πŸ”₯ Beltane - Fires of Bell (1st May): Ignite your inspiration and build up your leadership.
β˜€οΈ Summer Solstice - Fullness/Ownership (21st June): Own your leadership role and maximise your impact.
πŸ‚ Lammas - Exhaustion/Fullness (1st Aug): Address burnout and prioritise self-care.
🍁 Autumn Equinox - Refinement (21st September): Refine your skills and prepare for the next phase.
πŸŽƒ Samhain - Uncertainty (1st Nov): Embrace uncertainty and navigate it with confidence.
🌟 Winter Solstice - Eliminate (21st Dec): Begin your journey by eliminating what no longer serves you.

What's really important is together, we will identify which of the above seasons is holding you for most of the year ahead and whether you have any cross over points. The Genius Wheel acts as a map enabling you to identify where you are within your personal growth cycle. 

What's Included:

πŸ“˜ Genius Wheel Workbook, Charting your Course Worksheets, and Audio Training Bundle
🧘 Recorded Meditation and Journaling Bundles (x 8)
🎀 Includes 1:1 x coaching session with Lulu 
πŸ‘₯ Community and Circles (x 8): Join our vibrant community of women leaders for support, networking, and accountability. 

Your Investment : Β£595 for one year course, 8 community circles and 1 x 1:1 intensive with Lulu 

Outcomes you can expect whilst working through the Genius Wheel, 

1. Exponential Personal Growth in both your Personal and Professional life. 
2. Understanding your unique path and unleashing your unique genius. 
3. Transformative and confident decision making.
4. Lead and navigate in times of uncertainty with much greater ease. 
5. Planning for the future and learning lessons you may have missed. 

Don't miss out on this empowering opportunity to work on your past, present and future self. 

Once you've received your starter bundle - dive in and Lulu will contact you to book your 1:1 session which we will be for 60 to 90 minutes. 

Lulu will support you to set intentions for your session together as well as supporting you to locate the season of your macro cycle (the season currently holding you) and create a plan to leverage the most from the season you are in. 

Embark on your Genius Wheel journey today. 

The Genius Wheel: Discover your Unique 7-Year Personal Growth Cycle

"I love how Lulu takes the weight out of our challenges”

- EMMA ,


"Lulu is my Secret Weapon, she keeps me from getting in my own way"


"I got more working with Lulu for 3 hours than I have after several months working with other coaches"

"Without Lulu, I'd still be sitting behind a desk built and created by somebody else."


"I love that Lulu guides you in the way that is right for you, not a standard one way fits all, which really fits with my view of life.  "


" Lulu will change you in just one session"


"Working with Lulu felt like I had just swept all the crap from my desk onto the floor. She was the first coach to help me actually focus..."


"The depth to Lulu's coaching is something I'd love to bottle up and spread like fairy dust to women everywhere"

- Anon 

"Lulu helped me be the woman who has it all."


"Lulu helped me to define the lifestyle I wanted & establish my business which is soul led"


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