24 Principles of Feminine Success :

24 Principles to Feminine Success 6 month course includes : 

6 modules 
24 x journaling worksheets
24 x mp3/audio trainings 
1 x toolkit 

Every Monday, you will receive a journaling sheet and audio training straight to your inbox. 

**Please Note lockdown pricing is currently available to those in my community/email list**
£197 for course only (usually £247)
£597 for course plus two personal coaching sessions (usually £647) 

What's Inc : 


   ‘The feminine success course is as disruptive as it is harmonious’. - Helen O 

  ‘This course changed my life not just my approach to business’ - Sue Ellen

During the 6 month course, you will : 

1. Discover 24 spiritual and emotional development tools you need to lead now and in the future. 

2.. Unlearn the principles that are preventing you from stepping up and into your true legacy of work. 

3. Lead and make decisions from a more aligned, balanced and congruent standpoint. 


We live in a world of polarities and one where feminine principles have long been buried, ignored and forgotten. 

And it’s the reintroduction of these principles which are essential for women to reclaim their worth and step into their full potential. 

The Dali Larma once said ‘western women will save civilisation’ and now is the time you can learn the principles that will truly support you in discovering your part in redefining the future for yourself and the impact you are here to make.

It's time. Time for the feminine. Time for you, Time for change. 

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Please note, this course is not labour intensive but the results are deep, profound & life changing.

You will need about 30 minutes per week to complete the self study and allow the rest of the week to see how the learning unfold for you. 

Feminine Success Course Options

"I love how Lulu takes the weight out of our challenges”

- EMMA ,


"Lulu is my Secret Weapon, she keeps me from getting in my own way"


"I got more working with Lulu for 3 hours than I have after several months working with other coaches"

"Without Lulu, I'd still be sitting behind a desk built and created by somebody else."


"I love that Lulu guides you in the way that is right for you, not a standard one way fits all, which really fits with my view of life.  "


" Lulu will change you in just one session"


"Working with Lulu felt like I had just swept all the crap from my desk onto the floor. She was the first coach to help me actually focus..."


"The depth to Lulu's coaching is something I'd love to bottle up and spread like fairy dust to women everywhere"

- Anon 

"Lulu helped me be the woman who has it all."


"Lulu helped me to define the lifestyle I wanted & establish my business which is soul led"


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