Breakout Strategy Workshop :

Venue: Harbour Hotel and Spa


Time: 8.45am Registration
          9.15am Workshop 1
          11 am Workshop 2 
          12.30 Lunch included 
          1.15pm Workshop 3 
          3-3.30pm - Closing 

 Hotel Spa access available after event. 

Pricing:  £145 Early Bird 
                £175 Full Price 

The Breakout Strategy Workshop with the SHE REBEL CLUB in Brighton. 

Join a likeminded group of women in business and create your breakout strategy for 2020. 

Are you serious about breaking out from your current positioning and making a bid for more freedom in 2020? 

Are you committed to making a side hustle/part time or new project a more serious one in 2020? 

Do you want to get clear about the steps you need to take to get there.....?

During the Breakout Strategy Workshop you will : 

1. Pinpoint any block/s to you breaking out more fully into your business or new direction.
2. Create more Intrepid Commitment to your new business and direction.

3. Determine how to move forward in 2020 and leave with your personalised Breakout Strategy for the year ahead!! 

THIS is the ONE workshop you will not want to start the NEW DECADE without. 

For the women ready to break out from their prison of prestige and into their new business of significance. 

Workshop Info:

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Business Breakout Workshop

"I love how Lulu takes the weight out of our challenges”

- EMMA , The Body Confidence Movement Founder

- LIZ , Director/Founder 

"The best thing about Lulu, is that she won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear"

- Kat, Leadership Coach and Head of Coaching Team

"Lulu is a great coach and has helped me to share the vision of the next phase of my business by leveraging my passions and strengths "

"I'll never forget ending that first session with Lulu. I walked out a woman in charge of my own destiny with a business idea in mind. I quit my job a few weeks later, signed up for Lulu's program, and began creating my own dream career path. Without Lulu, I'd still be sitting behind a desk built and created by somebody else."

- Galadriel; M.S. Psychologist, Curriculum Developer & Coach

"My business has benefited greatly already from just a couple of months of working with Lulu. The business essentials including the business mission statement and client creation process was a real game changer. My business mindset has completely transformed "

- Augustina, Founder of Divorce Angels 

"Since working with Lulu, I’ve tuned in and embraced my emotions. I’ve welcomed back creativity and am learning to shake off my fears. She’s helped me be the woman who has it all."

- Laura, Children's Confidence Coach

"Since working with Lulu, I've completely changed the direction of my life and career. I've said no to distractions, set boundaries and started my own business which I'm really excited about. I am designing success on my terms"

- Sinead, Founder of the ReNew Coaching Programme, Public Speaker, Lawyer, Singer and Songwriter 

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