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Rediscover your best self in life and business with the ultimate BOOK to help overcome self-sacrificing, judging, reacting, overthinking, and your shadow self.
Toolkit Includes :
* 32 journaling tools
* 16 meditation mantras
* 3 step toolkit for daily use
* 1 downloadable meditation designed for you, the female entrepreneur who is ready to tune in and get serious about success on her terms.
Previously £14.97 / now £9.97

Ebook + FREE Toolkit!

Dive even deeper into success on your terms and start making the shifts you need to build a successful business that lights you up from the inside. True success in your life and business only comes when you are deeply connected to yourself. My Self-Discovery Workbook goes hand in hand with the Shadow to Self™ digital eBook. It will help you do all of the above and uses a compilation of key tools I use with my 1:1 coaching clients.
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4 WEEK Self Study Programme -
ELEVATE YOUR SUCCESS includes the exact steps I took as I went on a journey of rediscovering what success looks like for me and how to make it happen.
Within the 4 weeks, I have put the pieces of the puzzle together so you don’t have too.

We’ll tune with what success looks like for you before aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions by empowering your mind, leading from the heart and taking the elevated action you need to take to make success happen on your terms.

Included are four self study modules with accompanying workbook, audios and recommended reading.

Module one: Designing Success
Module Two: Empower Your Mind
Module Three: Lead From the heart
Module Four: Elevating Your Actions

Previously £247 / NOW £197

24 Principles of Feminine Success Course

'For every subject there are two subjects, the masculine and the feminine'. This course shares with you a concept that will change how you see the world around you--but also yourself within it.

Yes, women are rising everywhere, some even say the future is female - but it is in fact feminine.
When asking for equality as Women we MUST BE equality within ourselves. This course will show you exactly how you’re not doing that and--bring you back to how you can.’

6 Modules INC :
24 x Audio Trainings & Journaling Worksheet
sent weekly to your inbox
24 Feminine Principles Toolkit + Recommended Reading List

Course Access £995 / NOW £497

Join me for the - Why you need to lead from the Feminine Webinar with Q & A.

You will find out :
What the deeper meaning of what the women’s movement is really about and why old structures in politics, law, media and beyond are starting to collapse.

Why you’re successful but feeling unfulfilled, uncomfortable and like something needs to change but you can’t put your finger on what.

What leading from the feminine (rather than the masculine) actually means for you and your next level of success.

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"Shadow to Self™ is the perfect empowerment guide for any woman wishing to tap into their true self and expand their business! Lulu challenges the reader to dig deeper and pushes them to come out stronger by sharing her best business advice! This is a must have in any Boss Babe’s library!"

- Galady

"Before reading Shadow to Self™ I was really struggling with seeing how my shadow was impacting me and holding me back in my relationships, my business, and my life in general. I was self-sacrificing, disconnected, limiting, judging, and operating out of a place of fear in so many areas. Now, so many things have come into alignment for me, but most of all I'm happier and more at peace with myself and my life--and it feels amazing."

- Mollie

"I think that every woman who feels stuck or trapped by their circumstances and a shadow of the person they know they are capable of being will be able to gain so much from this book. Lulu shares the soulful steps necessary and the questions we need to ask ourselves in order to go from feeling lost to becoming our best and truly authentic selves. A totally fantastic and beautifully written read!"

- geri

"Shadow to Self™ was AH-MA-ZING! Lulu has a gift for taking years of inner work and study putting it into a simple, easy to digest format. This book is a must have resource for anyone focused on personal development. Lulu is easy to relate to and she provides an abundance of insight along with great, easy to apply exercises that immediately spark change. 
Get ready to receive!"

- jennifer

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