I'm an Advocate, Coach and Community Builder for Professional Women who are ready to cultivate change and lead differently.

I'm also a recovering Criminal Defence Lawyer, Yogi and Beach Dweller. 

Hi I'm Lulu!


       y parents were “accidental entrepreneurs” creating a successful local business which started from selling records at the local markets to being featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. From a young age, I was trained to think like a business owner and never an employee.

Following this, I spent over a decade as a lawyer and litigator, creating client’s, managing my department, monthly revenue and importantly my passion--advocating for others. 



About Me 


     he corporate and business world was not one designed by women but one we’ve squeezed ourselves to fit into. That squeeze became enough to suffocate me and I jumped ship…..eventually creating my own successful 6 figure company. 
I realised not only was I the first female lawyer in my family but also the first female company director - pretty BIG achievement huh.


Meet Lulu


    here has never been a more exciting time to be a woman in business as we’re realising that we need not fit in with how things have always been done. We can do things anyway that we choose. We can create businesses and success in a way that feels good to us and do so by leading from our feminine selves. 


Meet Lulu


      e need not make the sacrifices we’ve been shown. We need not follow a linear approach. We need not think small. We need not let our past experiences or those of our mothers and grandmothers hold us back. Change starts with us. Yet as women, so often we’re busy helping others, we fail to advocate fully for ourselves and in turn our businesses. 


Meet Lulu


    'm here to advocate for the best version of you and at the highest expression of you in your business. My approachable yet no-bs, highly intuitive and creative approach will provide you with support, accountability, vision and powerful insights at the highest level to keep you in movement, constant creation and growth within your business and of course your life.



Meet Lulu


    have a holistic, all encompassing and individual approach to business - I’m not a one trick pony with a one course approach or certification. I bring the whole of me to every encounter - business experience, life experience, internal wisdom and much more


Meet Lulu

       y clients know that I will always reflect those 'hard truths' back to them because it’s that truth that sets them free to rebellion and allows them to step into their real personal power. Trust me that I will say to you what no-one else will and will fearlessly show you your blind spots.

So, are you ready for your next level?


Psst: check out below the female icons who have inspired me in my lifetime and I’d love to know some of yours?  


Meet Lulu

“I looked like an angel, but I was a fiend inside.” 

Vogue Model, Photographer and ​World War II Correspondent 

lee miller

Lee was a woman who reinvented herself over and over again. She refused to play life by anyone else’s rules but her own.

“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.”

Mexican Painter, Surrealist (and realist) and activist 

Frida Kahlo

A woman who made her pain her biggest message, she painted outside of the box and lived an unconventional life in a blue house with a connecting hallway to the love of her life, Diego Rivera.

“My drive in life is from this horrible fear of being mediocre.”



A musician who has broken feminine boundaries and stepped up for what she believes in, regardless of the consequences. 
Madonna was one of the first women to talk about sex in the way she has. (Yes, women are allowed to enjoy it too!) 

“Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History”

This statement deeply resonates with who I am and why empowering the women in my life to break the rules and live life on their own terms is so important to me. There are so many women who’ve come before us who’ve done just that. 

hover over the image to read about a few of my favs:

“If you have a sense of yourself, your mission, your belief system, those things will lead you to success.”



Unabashedly herself and oozing with charisma, Goldie stands out by simply being her! Having the longest 'non-marriage' in Hollywood, she instead says she chooses to be with Kurt Russell every single day. She’s also an advocate of mindfulness in children and true hippy at heart.
 If I could choose someone to play me in the film of my life, it would be Goldie. Love her! 

“I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.”

Actress, screenwriter, dancer, poet and civil rights activist 

Maya Angelou

Love her quotes and the way she tunes into her intuition. But she was also an example to all of us because of her courage to fight for what she believed was right.

“Sometimes you have to let everything go--purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything--whatever is bringing you down--get rid of it. Because when you are free you will find your true creativity, your true self comes out.”


Tina Turner

I’m a huge fan of her music as well as who she is as a person. Instead of being brought down by her experiences - she made them her strength. The woman knows how to make a powerful comeback! 

"Lulu will change you in just one session!”

-Melissa, Author & Founder of the “Aspiring Authors Academy

- Kelly, Corporate Worker & Writer 

"I would highly recommend Lulu to any woman that needs confidence and a strong direction in moving forward with her dreams."

- Nadia, Coach & Lawyer 

"Lulu is very thoughtful and is able to create amazing breakthroughs in a short amount of time!"

"I'll never forget ending that first session with Lulu. I walked out a woman in charge of my own destiny with a business idea in mind. I quit my job a few weeks later, signed up for Lulu's program, and began creating my own dream career path. Without Lulu, I'd still be sitting behind a desk built and created by somebody else."

- Galadriel; M.S. Psychologist, Curriculum Developer & Coach

"Since starting my work with Lulu, I've left my full-time job as a teacher, walked away from a business that was not bringing me joy, & gained a newfound sense of freedom & excitement for my new path in business and in life.  I'm excited about my life & business again, & it feels incredible."

- Mollie, Business Strategist & Branding Coach

"Since working with Lulu, I’ve tuned in and embraced my emotions. I’ve welcomed back creativity and am learning to shake off my fears. She’s helped me be the woman who has it all."

- Laura, Empowerment Coach 

"Lulu’s support, encouragement and belief in me is invaluable. It is helping me move through discomfort and fear to make the changes that are going to bring me the happiness and freedom I want and deserve!"

- Cindy, Business & Success Coach 

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